Bone Steak by Asian Portuguese Kitchen

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The day we ate this and thought of the contents of this review was Sham’s first day back after her photography training at Aussie, so she had the right tools to take the loveliest photo. She also strictly warned me not to publish the photo if the taste of the food did not meet the rate at which the photo makes you salivate – we don’t want to disappoint our readers. And so, publishing the photo on its own is a testament of how much we enjoyed our bone steak at home!

I would say that this is the Malay version Bone Steak, very different from the Bone Steak I would find if I were to make a trip to the Army Market at North Bridge Road. Definitely less spicy, with the sauce with along more fillings making it a full meal on its own when eaten with bread. What I like most about it was the tenderness of the meat and how easily it came of the bone! It was such a pleasant surprise when my teeth didn’t have a hard time! The sauce was made with just enough sweetness to keep you coming back for seconds.

Two thumbs up & definitely recommended. Good for bookings when you have a gathering with your friends at family at home, or on days where you just don’t feel like cooking dinner, especially on rainy weekends. We don’t list food items on our website, yet, but here’s how to catch them.

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