Breadwerks: One of the Very Few Halal Bakeries in Town!

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Cookies, Cakes & Crumbles @ Breadwerks

It’s not very often that we stumble across halal bakeries – let alone those that have practically ALL types of bakes – so when we do, we have to share it!  Breadwerks is slightly of the well worn path, along River Valley Road. This bakery may seem petite but it hosts a whole variety of wonderful bakes from puffs, pastries, cakes, cookies to their delish tarts.

Red Velvet Tapak Kuda @ Breadwerks

Red Velvet Tapak Kuda @ Breadwerks

A special item that immediately caught our eye has to be the tapak kuda rolls. These rolls are just MASSIVE.


The massive Tapak Kuda! @ Breadwerks

Thicker and bigger than your average tapak kuda rolls, these still retain the original softness and are generously filled. There’s also plenty of flavours to choose from so help yourselves. Apart from the tapak kuda, there are the mini roll cakes which are insanely soft and fluffy. I really loved even just eating plain ole’ “regular” sugared vanilla rolls like the ones below!

10Mini Swiss Rolls @ Breadwerks

The range of assorted tarts are a must try. With it’s cinnamon-y filling, the apple crumble is tart. One is not enough. If you prefer something a little sweeter, the blueberry crumble is a great option. In the few times that I visited Breadwerks with Jums, She kept telling me to eat the cornflakes cookies! And I must say… this is one particular cookie that will not last a week in the office. Straight off the shop, and into our tummies!

For those who are not fans of sweet treats, you can still grab the assorted cookies which you can get in tubs of roughly 240 to 330grams or buy in weighed packs. These cookies are crisp but less sweet. Perfect to have with a steaming, hot mug of coffee or tea! Those who’d love to get cookies to welcome in the New Year or for Chinese New Year, keep a look out for the pineapple tarts and the the cornflake cookies. The malty crunch is super addictive and really, really good.

Breadwerks takes in bulk orders so if you’d like to order a variety of bakes for parties or seasonal events.  They are also quite flexible in adjusting their items such as making mini hotdog buns instead of big ones so do feel free to contact them to arrange for customised orders.



411 River valley, Singapore 248309
☎️ (+65) 6732 5115
Monday – Sunday | 8:30 am – 11:30 pm

To get updates on Breadwerks, you can follow them on: 

IG @breadwerks



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