Spotlight: Mini Puff (CNY Special)

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Mini Golden Puffs

Mini Golden Puffs

This past week, Jums brought us special CNY goodies to try out. Now, I usually see mini popiah snacks around the festive season but I’ve never had mini puffs before so its quite novel to me. These petite remakes of your usual curry puffs come with a soft crunch. Each savoury bite is followed by a tasteful shrimp paste-like filling. It is just nice and not overpowering yet, super addictive. You won’t even realize it until that last bite disappears!


Mini Puffs from Mini Puff Original

Let’s take a closer look at these babies.. The girls loved it at the office, and we had to be careful not to finish it before the photographer could get her hand on these babies for these lovely photos.


Mini Puff Original

It comes cutely packaged in pairs which makes it perfect as a gift for your Chinese friends. (Heads up guys, give everything in pairs for CNY, k?) Even better still, grab a pack and have it aaall to yourself. I’m quite sure it will be the yummiest part of your secret stash for this long weekend.

By the way, we hear they are offering CNY promos. If you want to know more, check them out on:



Say halalfoodhunt sent you to them. Who knows, they might just give you a discount 😉 No promises, but worth trying!

IG: @goldenminipuff



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