Spotlight: Carrot Cake by Velvet Confectionery

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Sometime after my Rose Lychee Cake review when I was JUST recovering from my sore throat (not aided by the continuous stream of bakes that came my way…I am pretty positive it was a conspiracy…), I tagged along with Jums for a meeting with Aniqa, the bubbly and sweet owner of the new cafe we were checking out.

*meeting starts* Blah. Blah. Blah. *meeting stuff* Blah blah blah.

So fast forward the meet and greet and the brief discussion with Aniqa, we came to the reason I go for meetings (hahaha just kidding…no, seriously); the magical moment when the owner offers you food. Now despite being in the sales “department” – all of two people – with Jums, we generally don’t always get a sneak preview of the food and so naturally, I was super excited when Aniqa decided to pull out her recommended bakes for us to get a taste *insert silent ecstatic cheering, fireworks, etcetera*.


Carrot Cake @ Velvet Confectionery – 7 Rodyk St, #01-30 Watermark, Singapore 238215


*exhales a blissful sigh* how do I even begin… Ok, so the first thing I see is this huge slice of moist carrot cake with liberal specks of cinnamon and generous chunks of nuts and fruit. You know that feeling when you get a first glimpse of your food and you just know deep in your gut that it’s going to be good. That. That was the feeling I got when I saw that cake.

To put it simply and quickly (because doing a food review during Ramadan is not helping my fast), this cake is moist, full of flavour and generously filled with nuts and raisins and the cream cheese complemented it perfectly. So if you ever head down to Velvet Confectionary’s, remember this should be added to your must-try list effective immediately! That and well, wait for Jums’s tantalising review on her no-bake nutella cheesecake 😉


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