Spotlight: Ispahan Cake @ Butter Studio

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Disclaimer! Before I begin this review, I’m only recently recovering from a sore throat so I do note that I may not do full justice to this piece but I am going to try. Do bear with me 🙂

For this piece, it was completely a stroke of luck that I got to try it out. I was running errands with Jums whilst Shams and Dee were having a photo shoot at Butter Studio. Obviously with our super psychic abilities, we managed to swoop in right as they were wrapping up; just in time to help “clear” the table and I got to bring this pretty one home.

Rose Lychee Slice with Dried Rosebuds and Pistachio Bits from Butter Studio. 147 Jalan Besar.

Lady Ispahan: A Rose Lychee Slice with Dried Rosebuds and Pistachio Bits from Butter Studio

So I snuck in a little nibble before I brought it home and what first hit me was “macam makan bandung” (like eating bandung). Later it also occurred to me that “duh”, it is infused with rose. Anyway, I thought I wouldn’t be that partial to it because I’m not a bandung fan but now that I’m at home giving it a proper taste, it gets kinda addictive.

The cake itself is denser than other cakes I’ve had but still moist. I can’t really taste the lychee (keep in mind, my taste buds might be temporarily impaired) but the rose flavour is there but not overpowering. The cream cheese just balances the sweetness which was what made it addictive for me.

All in all, it is quite an interesting cake you might want to try out sometime when you get your next Butter Studio fix.

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