Spotlight: Tapak Kuda Ver 2.0 by Baker’s Luv

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It’s another day of me idly strolling into the office when BAM!, the scent just hits me. Our enclosed office is pretty petite so when we have bakes over, trust me, we literally do tend to smell like whatever we happen to be reviewing. The interesting part though was this strong scent of peppermint which was frankly bizarre because Jums said she left tapak kuda. Now, you need to understand that the average tapak kuda – a roll cake resembling a horse shoe – usually smells buttery and chocolatey. So surprise, surprise when I popped open the box to find two bars of gorgeous roll cakes – one suspiciously green and another orange in colour.


Peppermint Tapak Kuda by Baker’s Luv

Slicing into these cakes, they were firm but so, so soft even though it was left at our office overnight but what’s even better is that the filling is legit. None of those cheap tasting chocolate ganaches, or some weird chocolate cream but legit nutella (I am waxing lyrical over Nutella but really, it should be a crime for the filling of tapak kuda to be anything else but Nutella). Being safe, of course I tried the orange one first and well, it was citrus so you can’t really go wrong with that.


Citrus Tapak Kuda by Baker’s Luv

The more interesting taste is when you bite into the green roll and get that subtle peppermint taste. I wasn’t too bought on it at first but it kinda sneaks up on you. It’s the kind of taste that grows on you and then, sneakily makes you reach for another piece and another. Ok, so maybe, one more…

So whilst Bakers Luv kept the essence of tapak kuda by keeping to the original filling, she has definitely upgraded her tapak kuda to another level. The flavours were addictive and refreshing without being too overwhelming and it’s quite a nice change from plain ole’ tapak kuda.

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