Chocolate Cake Series at Velvet Confectionery

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The first time we came by Velvet Confectionery, we were served the very delicious Carrot Cake. Personally, carrot cake has a special place with me – I even had carrot cake as my engagement in 2012. So when I say it’s good, it’s good. You can read what Zie wrote about it here.

And the second time that we had the pleasure of meeting Aniqa again,  she served us 4 more different but equally stunning bakes.

The No-Bake Nutella Cheese Cake 

It has become quite a ritual that before I review a food item, I will ask the maker to describe it. For this one, the description given was luscious chocolate hazelnut decadent over traditional biscuit base.. And this description was true to its every word.

No Bake Nutella Cheesecake @ Velvet Confectionery. 7 Rodyk St, #01-30 Watermark, Singapore 238215

Like what I would have mentioned in our videos or other food reviews, I’m not a cheesecake person, nor do I love chocolate. So when Aniqa served me this piece out of her display panel, I must say I had my hesitations. But after the first tiny piece hit my tongue, I knew this one was different.

Let me first start with the tart base. Firstly, I love tarts of all kinds, so even though the chocolate looked decadent, I was really just looking forward to the biscuit base. Even without being baked, the biscuit base was really crunchy. Despite the chocolatey outlook, the taste of the chocolate mousse was so light and balanced, it was almost surprising. Overall, the cheesecake was not overpoweringly sweet and has just the right tinge of the american cream cheese. I utterly enjoyed every single bite of this cheesecake – and that is really rare.


Devilishly Chocolate Cupcake 

My first bite into this chocolate cupcake had me wondering how it was possible for so many shades of chocolate to exist one little cupcake!

Devilishly Chocolate Cupcake @ Velvet Confectionery. 7 Rodyk St, #01-30 Watermark, Singapore 238215

First it was the chocolate chip and the tinge of cocoa powder. And then, the bitter, the sweet and the all the shades of chocolates in between explodes in your mouth at one time. With its even texture, and its chocolatey taste, this is definitely one chocolate cupcake to remember. As usual, I like to give a special mention for bakes which don’t mess with your sugar levels, and it’s always a blessing to find one like this.

So if you’re in town, go ahead and pop by the Watermark, ok? The chocolates will make it worth the visit! is a one stop destination for all things halal. We retail halal bakes from many different bakers, halal recipe packs, and list halal food providers in Singapore. For an overview of what we do, or if you are keen on working with us, visit our home site at Halal first, everything else later!

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