The Unique Cakes at Velvet Confectionery

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Within the next few weeks, I will be starting out my 6 episode weight loss attempt series. I mean, it’s not like I’ve never lost weight before, I’ve done it several times, it’s just that when I meet sinful delicacies and I lose the discipline to say no, then weight gain will become a problem again. So, when one baker can marry the tastefulness of a bake along with healthy perks in one soft bite of a cake, I sure won’t miss to give it a double thumbs up!

Lemon Olive Oil Yoghurt Loaf 



Lemon Olive Oil Yoghurt Loaf $6.20/piece @ Velvet Confectionery 7 Rodyk St, #01-30 Watermark, Singapore 238215

This special piece stands proudly at the top of the cake display at Velvet Confectionery. When you do pop by, just ask for the healthy cake and Aniqa will know what you’re talking about. This particular healthy cake is Dee’s favourite and is highly recommended by her, and I must say, I do agree 100%.

So what’s so special with this healthy cake?

Instead of the standard butter that a normal cake is made up of, this healthy cake uses extra virgin olive oil. For flavour and texture, Aniqa uses yoghurt, citrus, and fresh juice, and once the cake is all baked, it is finished off with a brush of lemon syrup. Now. if that doesn’t sound like a healthy cake, I have no idea what does.

Before we even managed to put our forks into the cake, we could already smell the zest and the citrus to tempt our taste buds. And once we did, the taste of fresh lemon zest and soft textured cake greeted us with so much pleasantness, we recommend everyone to try it at least once if you’re in town!


Raspberry Red Velvet Cake

The thing that caught my eye about this particular cake was the fact that it uses fresh raspberry jam in between the layers of red velvet cake.

A good red velvet cake with character would be of the right denseness and thickness, and this one has that.


Raspberry Red Velvet $8.20/piece @ Velvet Confectionery 7 Rodyk St, #01-30 Watermark, Singapore 238215

Obviously, what makes this red velvet cake so special is the home made raspberry jam that’s in between the layers. To counter the jam, is a very nicely and mildly sweetened cream cheese that is used as the frosting for the cake. The balance taste of the chocolate, the raspberry jam and the tinge of cheese in the frosting will make you go for seconds without even realising it. This red velvet is out of the ordinary, and coming from me – after having tasted a lot of bakes – you can take my word for it!


Raspberry Red Velvet $8.20/piece @ Velvet Confectionery 7 Rodyk St, #01-30 Watermark, Singapore 238215

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