Campaign Review: Mooncakes Baked by Local Muslim Bakery Sold Out & It’s Only Their First Time In The Market

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Participating in the mid-autumn festival for the first time, Heiraz Bakery sent out their handmade, hand-rolled mooncakes made in a local-bakery in Singapore. They only expected to sell three-quarters of the mooncakes they made, but nearing mooncake festival, they found that all 2000 mooncakes including 200 in a nicely-designed box were sold out.

“Alhamdulillah we are very happy. My mum always says you know when we attend events, and pop-ups, we should aim to sell everything. Not just three-quarters. Of course the first to finish was the Double Fusion durian!,” said Noor Shaheera, the current CEO of Heiraz of her mum Mdm Roszilah M Nor, the founder of Heiraz.

Heiraz Bakery’s mooncakes were sold at the Mooncake Fair which was held in Century Square from 2-15 September 2016. They also experimented on selling online through Shop by Both methods proved to bring in numbers.

Their marketing was done through a digital storytelling campaign about how the mooncakes and why mooncakes needed to be halal. This video was produced, written, directed and edited by the team at

“I thought the video was really warm and reflected our brand well. It showed the mooncakes being made in a cosy baker, instead of a factory, and that the bakers are all Muslims,” says Shaheera.

The video garnered close to 50, 000 views. Since it was a huge success, would she be planning to make mooncakes for next year? “Yes InshaAllah!! We are already thinking of what flavours to include!”

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