Spotlight: Pies Roulette by Simplymanis

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Eight flavours. 1 choice.

Ok, so maybe I might have had two at a go while I was reviewing the mind-boggling pies roulette by the ever-so-talented Kak Maya from Simplymanis. I loved that the first – a mango slice – had generous mango chunks that were ripe and sweet instead of those puny, sour cubes you get on mango cake desserts. Also, since I have a sweet tooth but don’t like things that are too sweet, I have to say that there was just the right amount of sweetness in that mango pudding layer.

Now if my first left a soothing, juicy taste, my second choice was definitely the bomb. If a snickers bar and cream cheese ever had a love child, this peanut butter cream cheese slice was definitely it. A fan of cream cheese, I found the mousse-like layer light enough that I don’t get sick of the taste easily and I could enjoy my pie all at once. Complemented by the slight bitterness from the dark chocolate ganache and lovely, crumbly pastry, this slice was an indulgent treat, great for company on a rainy day.

Pies Roulette by Simplymanis. Available for purchase at

Overall, if getting the pies roulette seems daunting because of the generous portions, don’t fret because this pie is no hardship to finish at all. The balanced mixture of flavours has something to suit everyone’s taste buds making it ideal for sharing and it keeps well even after a few days so you have ample time to savour it.

The first time the pies roulette came in for review, the other girls said that it was definitely a no brainer. We simply had to list this one on our site and share this with everyone.

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