7 Halal Places to make a Pit Stop at before Racing through the Singapore F1 Night Race

by Shamsydar Ani Sep 13, 2017

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It’s the annual F1 Night Race weekend and while a lot of us are excited to hear cars speeding at the speed of light and watching them turn corners like what you see in Tokyo Drift, some of us (coughs, Shams, coughs) find that filling our tummies before watching the races is more important. 


Always here for the food. via GIPHY


Even if you’re not heading to the races, I’m sure you want to be part of the action happening around town, maybe catch a glimpse of a celebrity (I heard Rupert Grint attends the F1 Night Race each year), or tangkap glamour (catch some glamour) dressed to the nines just to ‘gramm that #ootd.

With the road closures announced in the Marina Centre area (read more here), you’ll want to ditch that car at home, forget about Grabbing or Ubering (can you imagine the demand?) and head to town old school like how we did in the 90’s- via good ol' MRT and buses. The roads will be closed, and going anywhere in town with a vehicle would be disastrous. We’re just hoping the MRT won’t break down during the weekend because THAT would be a catastrophe. 




Empress Grandstand at Asian Civilisation Museum

1. Kaw Kaw SG

Kaw Kaw SG will be at the F1 Night Race this weekend! They’ll be over at Empress Grandstand near Asian Civilisation Museum. Serving up three of their best sellers, Smokey Beef Bacon Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger and Mac & Cheese, Kaw Kaw is the only halal food stall available in the F1 arena! Don't say we bojio ah! But of course only if you're heading to F1 itself with tickets!

*Edit as of 10.18am: Earlier we mentioned that there would be Portobello Burger sold. We have received the most updated information from the owners that we made a mistake and there will be no Portobello Burgers sold. 



City Hall

If you don’t want to be walking too far or are worried about how to get to the races, head straight to town and fill your stomachs before feasting on the beautiful monsters speeding on the road. 


2. Beyond Pancakes at Marina Square

If you think pancakes are just for breakfast, clearly you have not tried Beyond Pancake’s savoury pancakes you’ll be dreaming of all through the night. Go light with their nachos set, or have the Mushroom Pancakes with Grilled Chicken to break your savoury pancake virginity.


Nachos set at Beyond Pancakes


Beyond Pancakes
Area: City Hall
FRIENDS Discount: 15% off on starters and desserts, and 10% off on main course items. Valid All Day, Any Day. 
For more information and details, click here.


3. Chef Wan’s Kitchen at Esplanade Link


Celebrity chef Chef Wan’s latest venture into the halal dining scene in Singapore opened at Esplanade Mall early last August. Offering a wide selection of heritage dishes passed through generations from his grandmother, Chef Wan’s Kitchen is the perfect place to catch the fireworks at the end of the F1 Night Race. For this week only, enjoy their special F1 Weekend lunch menu from $15.90 onwards. My favourite would be the Ayam Percik Set which you would not want to share with anyone, trust me on that. 


Ayam Percik Set, $15.90


Chef Wan's Kitchen
Area: City Hall
FRIENDS Discount: Exclusive FRIENDS deal! For more information and details, click here.




We can’t emphasise this lovely enclave of halal food places for you to try this weekend. From burgers to pastas to a cup of Joe Black.


4. Afterwit


Located along North Bridge Road, try the tacos or quesadilla along with a bottle of flavoured soda that screams old school. 



Area: Bugis
FRIENDS Discount: 15% discounts off total bill. Not valid with any other promotion.
For more information and details, click here.


5. The Lab



Think burgers and fusion pastas - The Lab brings you a dining experience that experiments with food, just as how their name suggests. 



The Lab
Area: Bugis
FRIENDS Discount: 15% discounts off total bill. Not valid with other promotions, discounts, or vouchers 
For more information and details, click here.




Go off the beaten track and take a walk around the Jalan Besar district, with these two cafes serving amazing breakfast and lunches just down the road from each other.


6. VXX Cooperative


A charming quaint and artistic cafe, VXX Cooperative's marble counter front belies a cosy and comfortable space. At first glance, it might give off a sterile, cold vibe with a scattering of low marble tables but as you go further into a cafe, it will pleasantly surprise you with its charming layout and the sheltered outdoor sitting space which let's in plenty of sunshine without turning you into a melted puddle.


Vxx Cooperative
Area: Lavender
FRIENDS Discount: 10% discounts off total bill. Valid on minimum spending of $50nett.
For more information and details, click here.


7. Butter Studio


Trust Butter Studio to serve delicious homecooked atas food with style and sincerity. The Jalan Besar outlet will surely excite you with miniature cakes, sliced cakes, pancakes, and savoury brunch items you'll want to have for dinner.



Butter Studio
Area: Lavender
FRIENDS Discount: 15% off on starters and desserts, and 10% off on main course items. Valid All Day, Any Day. 
For more information and details, click here.



Featured Image Source: Thai Ticket Major


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