Baker Feature: Mazlin from MDesserts

by Nur Aziemah Sep 23, 2016

 mdesserts nutella tapak kuda

On my visit to Sis Mazlin's house, my eyes were immediately drawn to the freshly baked muffins displayed in a casing on her dining table. You could say that it's normal for all bakers to have excess bakes lying around at home but what it said to me was that this baker had pride in her bakes and as I spoke to her about her journey, it became clearer to me; How could she not? I remember looking through her FB page, her instagram and scrolling through her bakes and even before meeting her, and it was evident how she had improved over the years. Her bakes seemed to have evolved over time, appearing more polished and sophisticated. The patterns were prettier, the colours more vibrant and one can't help but marvel at her improvement. 

You see, Sis Mazlin is a weekend baker. On weekdays, she works a 9am to 6pm job but on weekends, that's when she indulges in her passion - baking. Her pursuit to become a serious baker began roughly two years back when her husband encouraged her to attend classes to refine her skills, seeing as how she loved to bake.

Equipped with her husband's support, Sis Mazlin set off to train herself. She began learning the art of cake decoration with @sweetnesssg and slowly expanded her learning portfolio to include Wilton and even learning with Chef Siti Mastura. Fortifying herself with months of practice, Sis Mazlin recalled how frustrating it was for her to produce beautiful buttercream roses despite her classmates having already moved on in one class. She also recalled giving up sleep just so that the wedding cake ordered would turn out great. Despite her numerous struggles with baking, it has been very rewarding for her when she manages to achieve that perfect cake for a happy customer and successfully display it without any major mishaps. 

In Sis Mazlin's case, not only has she invested time to perfect her bakes but she has also spent a lot of money to master her craft - after all baking classes are not cheap and buying products to continuously practice can amount to plenty as well. Personally, I have tasted her fruit cake which she revised after her session with Chef Mimi. The appearance itself was already colourful and the cake itself was flavourful. The fruits were plentiful and I could see how she improved on the quality of her cake.  This persistence in refining her skills, her effort and dedication in improving her capabilities is something that I really admire in Sis Mazlin. 

Valuing for her customers what she values for herself, I find that her unwillingness to compromise on quality despite the worries of the ever increasing costs of ingredients makes me assured of endorsing her as one of our bakers. It is indeed her kind of character which gives us the confidence to tell the customers that Halalfoodhunt offers the best bakes because we have great bakers like Sis Mazlin on board as one of our affiliate bakers! Sis Mazlin can be found on Facebook or on her instagram @saramatiin. For custom orders, you can contact her via her social media accounts directly. 

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