Bring Me Back to Siam Kitchen!

by Shamsydar Ani Sep 16, 2015

Siam kitchen spicy mango salad

Having been to various parts of the world, I blame my travels for the extremely high standards my tastebuds have been accustomed to. It’s usually the excuse I give to my friends when they ask me out for dinner to some new food place I’ve not been to. More often than not, I stay home and cook myself a hearty meal to avoid disappointment.


Last week, however, we were invited to Siam Kitchen for a food tasting session. I’m not going to lie - my guard was up and I was nervous. I love Thailand! I’ve tasted authentic Thai food from a village in Phuket, amazing restaurants and food carts in Krabi and not forgetting Bangkok’s vibrant street fare. Plus, I already have a favourite Thai restaurant in Singapore that I frequent.

Despite all that, I knew I needed to give Siam Kitchen a chance. After all, they recently launched a  new party menu suitable for small gatherings. Finally, our order-in options are not limited to pizza and fried chicken wings!


Spicy Mango Salad @ Siam Kitchen

We started off the meal with a classic spicy mango salad - a combination of julienned green mangoes and carrots, tossed in a flavourful dressing comprised of fish sauce, lime and some finely sliced bird’s eye chilli topped with toasted cashew nuts. The thing about the Halalfoodhunt team is that we have varying degrees of spice tolerance. Jums and I are hardcore spice freaks, Zie is impartial when it comes to chilli, and Dee.. let’s just say.... she prefers tomato-based food.

Siam Kitchen’s Spicy Mango Salad is distinct from other green mango salad I have tasted because of the toasted cashew nuts. Traditionally, toasted peanuts are used but somehow, the toasted cashew nuts give a nice bite and crunch to the vibrant mango salad. Jums and I also have a very low tolerance for sour food, so a mango salad that's too sour would not sit well with us, and we're so happy that this particular one did.


Thai Fish Cakes

We then had Siam Kitchen’s Thai Fish Cakes, something I’ve not had before. The only encounter I had with Thai fish cakes was when I watched Gordon Ramsay’s The F-Word and satiated my craving by making them myself - and that was three years ago. Needless to say, the hint of Thai red curry seasoning in the fish cakes from Siam Kitchen made me a very happy girl that day. I had the last piece of Thai Fish Cake, and one more than every one else, so much so the rest of the girls refused to forgive me for that. If you don't believe how much we loved the fish cakes, just wait up for the food review video to be released on our youtube channel to hear the other sides of the story.


Olive Fried Rice

As with all typical Asian meals, it is never complete with rice. Siam Kitchen serves the array of food with their signature Authentic Black Olive Rice with Minced Chicken. Do not let the colour of the rice scare you away - it may look like the brown rice nobody likes (I personally do like them, though) but it’s actually plain white rice cooked with a variety of spices minced with the black olives. It has a very interesting flavour to the rice, but paired with the Green Curry Chicken, very heavenly - and seldom do I use the word "heavenly" on food.


Thai Green Curry

Again, the girls and I battled over the green curry chicken, mainly because it was spicy, sweet and creamy. Surprisingly, Dee managed to handle the heat from the green curry! Siam Kitchen has successfully balanced the heat with some sweetness for Dee to love it, and it is VERY RARE for Dee to like curry. 


Stir Fried Kailan

The final two dishes we had were the Stir Fried Kai Lan with Salted Fish (also known as ikan asin) and the Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Mango Chilli Sauce. While I had to be the one to finish the veggies, the girls fought over the deep fried fish fillets.


Deep Fried Fish Fillet

With all the fighting for the food amongst the four of us that day, for sure, we knew that Siam Kitchen had put their best food forward. This menu is available for order on their take away Le Petit Menu, as per the image below. If you have a small (or larger) party of 10 at your home during the upcoming festive season, and extra long weekend (for those who took leave no 25th September), this would be a great idea for the food for you to serve at home!

Save yourself the hassle of cooking for big bunches of people, and let Siam Kitchen do heavy lifting for you. Delivery is at $40, but, if you have a Siam Kitchen outlet nearby, just pop by and collect it at no extra charges!

Ps:- We also had other stuff at the tasting. Teehee.


Thai Iced Tea


Thai Red Ruby


Mango Sticky Rice


Siam Kitchen
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