Bringing LIFE to Children in Need

by Nur Aziemah Jun 21, 2016

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A big part of what I love about our community is our shared spirit of wanting to be a support system for one another, which becomes ever more evident in this special month. Even more so because it is Ramadhan that we can see this spirit being rejuvenated and inflamed all around us - from the aunty voluntarily passing out kurma and kueh during iftar to the uncle or the student that always helps to clean the mosque and lays the prayer mats. It is in Ramadhan that we are constantly reminded of all the blessings that we've been given and we truly bask in Allah's love and mercy. It is also in this month that we become more mindful that not everyone of us share the same fortunate circumstances. This is further highlighted by the many ongoing initiatives by our fellow peers, youth groups and other individuals, which support causes that tug at our heart strings and shine out during this particular time. One such initiative that has caught our attention while we were looking for causes to fund for our pool of beneficiaries is the Literacy Initiative for Equity (LIFE SG). As part of our objective to give back to society, where we donate $5 from the sale of our FRIENDS card into a beneficiaries pool and disburse fixed denominations to chosen causes, we just couldn't give LIFE SG a miss.   This laudable voluntary, non-religious, non-governmental, and non-profit organisation first began as a research study. The founder conducted this study as part of a university course and it was through this study that it was uncovered that there are big patches of society - specifically local children born into poverty - that get left behind in our fast paced society. An estimated 8,000 children annually to be exact. These children often do not get the same opportunities that we, ourselves might have taken for granted when we were young such as enrichment activities. It might seem a simple privilege but the difference can be quite staggering. Without these enrichment programmes, the children are often discovered to have lower literacy levels and an impeded social and cognitive growth as compared to other children their age.

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LIFE works with underprivileged children through various programs.

LIFE SG comes in to give these children a fighting chance in society by fixing this imbalance. They provide these kids with the implements and opportunities to make up for these shortfalls so that they too can have better prospects at attaining success in life. LIFE SG focuses on developmental programmes that give the kids a boost at school and inculcate a love for learning and an eagerness to seek knowledge within the children. At the same time, they ensure that these programs will enable these children to perform better in their schools by working on improving their literacy levels. In tandem with working with the kids, LIFE SG also strives towards transforming the mindset of the parents and others towards poverty in order to help them overcome it.


Hana, the Founder, bringing the children out to the Urban Kampung for fun activities.


LIFE SG organises enrichment activities to complement the children's educational level.

To do so, LIFE SG has designed a robust program that includes a range of activities from speech development to team building activities and learning journeys. These fun and varied activities build positivity towards education in these children and also give them insight in finding proper outlets to cope with any toxic emotions they may be keeping. The activities are well thought out - driven towards working on the developmental needs of the children. Additionally, LIFE SG's efforts also extend to the home where they wish to duplicate this positive environment for the children when they go back to their lives. They work with the parents and guardians to get them more involved in the progress of the children. Through consistent efforts, a more involved and proactive community which the kids can depend on is created.


LIFE SG organises training workshops for parents, guardians and volunteers to better work with the children.

However these efforts to conduct activities can be very costly. In order to keep costs low for the children and to minimise any fees so that they can continue to enjoy these privileges, LIFE SG self funds many of these activities with small pools of funds from other bodies and donations. Therefore, in order to continue their efforts, they need YOUR help so that they can help these children. To support their project, "Bring Life to Children in Need", LIFE SG is sourcing out for funds that will go towards the rental of the venues, programme activities, learning journeys, provision of refreshments, stationeries, art materials, literature for the children, training sessions and fundraising events. They are looking at donations of:

  1. $30 for ONE child to attend the programme for ONE week.
  2. $20 for ONE child's stationery and art supplies for FOUR weeks.
  3. $10 to feed ONE child for TWO weeks

To bring LIFE to these children, donors can donate through this Launchgood or to this account: 608-010807-001 (OCBC Frank Account) and email a receipt of the transfer to Donations through transfer will be added onto Launchgood as an Offline Donation. Overseas donors are welcome to email them at, and discuss further on how you may contribute to the children's future.

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