Check out these 8 food eateries which went Halal this past Ramadan!!!

by Safiah Alias Jun 29, 2017

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Since it's Syawal right now, three things are happening.


You are either adjusting to the fact that you can eat again.




Or, you are repaying your missed fasts.




Or you are kind of tired of Hari Raya food of Rendang, Nasi Tomato, Sambal Udang and all those delectable rich food.




For those of us who are feeling like a change from all the Hari Raya food...




We looked back at the news of eateries in Singapore turning halal in the month of Ramadan this year and compiled it in a list for your convenience! Some of them have been around for a long time but not permissible for Muslim consumption all these while, like The Halia, Twelve Cupcakes, Swissbake, Kraftwich by Swissbake, Fish & Chicks. Some of them are new kids on the block with halal-certification in mind from the beginning but due to the processes of acquiring the halal certificate, had to make us wait for the suspense, like Wok Hey and Dim Sum Place. Whichever it is, we are really glad that there are more varieties and more eateries which are Halal-certified, which gives Muslims, both locals and tourists, more options to eat in Singapore!  


1. The Halia

Halal-certified on 7th Ramadan 1438H, 2nd June 2017

Probably the only halal-certified eatery at Singapore Botanic Gardens, The Halia opened to the public in November 2001. It took them 16 years to get the halal-certification! Known for their plating and excellent food. Although many visitors in the past might lament over the fact that they are not serving alcohol anymore , The Halia stands to gain many visitors not just locally, but from overseas too as it was named in 2017, yet again, as the most popular destination for Muslim travellers, outside Organisation of Islamic Cooperation countries, for the third

consecutive year. 

We visited The Halia for iftar during Ramadan. Check out what we think about it here.

The Halia Botanic Gardens Singapore Halal Certified Exterior

Total number of eateries: 1


The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Area: Botanic Gardens
Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
For full address & opening hours, refer here.


2. Wok Hey

Halal Certified on 13th Ramadan 1438H 8th June 2017

Stir frying is their game. Choose your base- egg-fried rice, Shanghai fried rice, Ramen or Udon, then your main protein- either fresh prawns, grilled chicken or braised beef, then you can add a variety of toppings, from tobiko, chinese chicken sausages, sous vide egg, thai asparagus, edamame, capsicum, mushrooms, and more! The combination is endless and I've tried two variations of this already. My favourite is the Shanghai Fried Rice, and you should definitely ask for chilli.



Total number of eateries: 1


Wok Hey
Area: Bugis
Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
For full address & opening hours, refer here.


3. The Dim Sum Place

Halal-certified on 20th Ramadan 1438H, 15 June 2017.

We've been waiting for this place to get it's Halal-certification since January! What to expect here: lots and lots of dimsums, and Peking Duck. They're located just beside The Ramen Stall, so you can head over if you'd like some small bites! The Ramen Stall is also a sister restaurant. I've not eaten here yet but will surely try this sometime soon!



Total number of eateries: 1

The Dim Sum Place
Area: Bugis/ Lavender
Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
For full address & opening hours, refer here.



5. Fish & Chicks

Halal-certified on 24 Ramadan 1438H, 19th June 2017

Fish & Chicks has been around for two and a half years and they have only recently became halal for Muslim Singaporeans! We can't wait to try this especially because they have the best of two worlds- salted egg yolk and chilli crab sauces on their fish and chicken servings!

Total number of eateries: 2

Fish & Chicks
Address: Ang Mo Kio (Halal-Certified), Orchard (Halal-Certified), Tanglin (Pending), Bedok (Pending).
Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
For full address & opening hours, refer here.


5. Swissbake

Halal-certified on 21st Ramadan 1438H, 16 June 2017.

With three official cafes and over 50 other retail outlets via bread shelves and bakery corners housed in supermarkets like Cold Storage and Jasons, as well as their very own stand-alone bakery in Jurong Point. Swissbake, just like its namesake, offers handcrafted, freshly baked goods. From authentic, European breads and buttery, flaky pastries, to luscious cakes and delightful party treats, they have got something for every palate. Delifrance has some competition now!

Total number of eateries: 53


SWISSBAKE FRIENDS Discount: Coming up, wait for it! Meanwhile, check other discounts here.
Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
Area: Around Singapore
Cafés: 3
Bakeries: 4 (3 in Cold Storage/Marketplace, 1 in Jurong Point)
Supermarket Breadshelves: 45
For address & opening hours at Harbourfront, refer here.
For full address & opening hours of other branches, refer here.


6. Kraftwich by Swissbake

Halal-certified on 21 Ramadan 1438H, 16 June 2017.

They are known for their circular sandwiches so big they look like pizza sandwiches, made of multigrain and maize bread, with wholesome fillings, but not bland or boring-looking. When you want one, the servers will cut a triangular slice for you, so it really does look like pizza! Everytime I walk by the one at Central Mall at Clarke Quay after an appointment there I would drool at these sandwiches hoping that they would be halal one day so I could eat it. I think the last time I went there was just this Ramadan and so....Alhamdulillah Allah answered my prayers in these littlest of ways! (You've got to be thankful for the littlest things so that Allah can send you bigger blessings!)

I'm now really okay with the fact that Subway is not halal since.... all six of Kraftwich's branches are halal-certified now. This is great news for those who are looking for a healthier and filling option for lunch on busy days because you can just grab a Kraftwich and go!



A post shared by Kraftwich (@kraftwichsg) on


Total number of eateries: 6

Kraftwich FRIENDS Discount: Coming up, wait for it! Meanwhile, check other discounts here.
Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
Area: Around Singapore
For address & opening hours at Raffles Place, refer here.
For full address & opening hours of other branches, refer here.


7. Twelve Cupcakes

Halal-Certified on 19 June 2017, 24th Ramadan 1438H.

We might have accidentally eaten one of it when a colleague or project mate bought it for work discussions or birthday parties without really caring about whether these cupcakes needed to be halal, and never knew that cupcakes needed to be halal until... they received their MUIS Halal Certification for all fifteen of their Singapore branches on 19 June, after five years of being in operation. Phew now we can go back to eating it with confidence.

They still have one of the best cupcakes in Singapore to me, and on top of that it is a local brand that has expanded to over four countries! Here's to hoping the branches in Taipei, Jakarta and Hongkong will also receive the Halal-certification in their respective countries! If you are wondering why cakes and cupcakes need to be halal, get yourself educated on the chemistry and ingredients that goes into baking here. (Read: What's Not Halal About... Cake?)


Good news! Twelve Cupcakes is Halal-certified, all 16 locations from AMK hub to Waterway Point. What's the nearest Twelve Cupcakes to you? Their cupcakes is sedappp you alls. So glad they are halal. Before I used to be part of halalfoodhunt I did try it once cos a project teammate bought it for us and that was really nice, I still remember how the red velvet cupcake tasted then. To me it was the best RVC! So when I learned that there is a difference and reason why cupcakes need to be halal, wah I was quite sad. So Alhamdulillah for this! What flavour do you want to try first? TAG your friends and let them knowwwww! -Saf #halalsg #sghalal #cupcake #redvelvet #cookiescream #triplechocolate #igsg #sgig #bestnews #goodnews #bismillah #alhamdulillah #exploresingaporeeats #feedfeed #desserts #yum

A post shared by visit! (@halalfoodhunt) on


Total number of eateries: 15


Twelve Cupcakes
Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
Area: Around Singapore
For address of all branches & opening hours refer here.


8. Commonground

Halal-certified on 23rd Shaaban 1438H, 19 May 2017.

Okay, Commonground received it's halal-certificate just a week before Ramadan but I'm pretty sure it's still new on your list of places to eat! Good for brunches and family outings, they serve everything from pizzas, platters, meats, sandwiches. That picky eater in your family will surely have an option, maybe even too many options! What's really nice is that Commonground is in the heartlands but they have really exciting options like: Blue Cheese Pizza topped with Poached Pear, Ravioli Nachos, Affogato and many other options!


Total number of eateries: 1

Halal Status: Halal Certified by MUIS
FRIENDS Discount: Coming up, wait for it! Meanwhile, check other discounts here.
Area: Tampines
For full address & opening hours, refer here.


Grand total: 80

So which one will you try, and do you know of any others which we missed out? Let us know on Facebook!


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