Could Kaw Kaw's Remember Me drink be Singapore's first halal Singapore Sling?

by Halalfoodhunt Aug 08, 2017

Kaw kaw halal mocktail remember me singapore sling

Many a times when Singaporean mainstream media list out the things that makes Singapore....Singapore, a lot of it is the food. One of the food that was created specially for Singapore that Muslims have been unable to try is the Singapore Sling, due to the fact that, it is an alcoholic beverage and therefore, not permissible for Muslims to consume. It has crossed my thought many times though, what does it actually taste like?

To my delight, Kaw Kaw wrote in to tell us that they were serving up 'Remember Me' - a halal rendition of the Tropical Singapore Sling, specially to celebrate Singapore's 52nd Birthday.

Served with a cocktail umbrella with three cubes of pineapple, the drink looks similar to what a Singapore Sling looks like. A pinkish drink with three cubes of pineapple on the side, the drink is very refreshing. For those who do not like to drink carbonated water, this mocktail is easy to drink. The pineapples cubes were a surprising taste, as it has this fizzy texture when you bite into it. When I asked, I found out that the cubes were soaked in tonic water.

The 'Remember Me' mocktail would go well with any food that Kaw Kaw SG serves, which tends to be heavy on meat and cream as it would refresh your palate.

The creator of the Remember Me drink, Hafiz Hanafiah only guessed what the drink would taste like, as he did not have any friends who had tasted the Singapore Sling, try his Remember Me drink, and for now that is the best that he can do. Of course the taste will never match the original Singapore Sling created by Raffles Hotel bartender Ngiam Tong Boon as it is primarily a gin-based cocktail. However, pineapple juice is the primary ingredient.

"A lot of people come in to just try this drink, so the reception has been warm," says one of the owners, Aina Zulkarnain. 

The 'Remember Me' mocktail is priced at $8.90. Get 10% off the 'Remember Me' drink at Kaw Kaw SG on weekdays when you flash the FRIENDS with Card

Kaw Kaw SG By Makan State
28 Aliwal St #01-01, Singapore 199918
For opening hours and contact details, click here


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