FRIENDS for Good: 5 Questions with MuslimParents.SG

by Halalfoodhunt Oct 26, 2016

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This whole of October we at are putting good causes up in the forefront! $5 from every sale of every FRIENDS Cards goes to five causes. This time, we get to know MuslimParents.SG better. They are a new startup with a passionate cause- to support parents in bringing up good Muslim children. We'd love to help them out a bit because we believe in this cause too!

Started by two members, Suliyati and Farhanah, MuslimParents.SG has been running for five months, since May 2016. Their purpose is to help Muslim parents by centralising all parenting information, products, and services into one platform. "We are passionate about our vision and mission, which is to help parents raise the next generation of khalifahs. However, we will need the help of like-minded professionals, asatizahs, talented individuals and also volunteers to help us run some of our programmes."


What does friendship mean to you?

It means being there for each other, even when you are not physically there. It means giving sincere advice when asked. It means making a prayer for them in their absence.

What does food mean to you?

Food is a means to sustain one's self. Which is why I am not fussy; as long as the food can fill up my tummy, Alhamdulillah. Every morsel is rizq. I also think that food helps to bond people together. Friends meetup over food. Family have potlucks and gather over food. Colleagues have celebrations over food. Food is sustaining, yet comforting as well.

What is your favourite food in Singapore?

Prawn biryani, nasi lemak, wanton noodles - a bit of everything. We are not fussy hehe.

What is the one thing your organisation would need more support in?

a) Awareness about the existence of our page and site and programs b) More followers on our page so that information can be shared to a wider group of people. c) Volunteers who would be happy to help us run some of our programs d) Collaborations with other organisations with the same mission and/or vision as us e) Efforts like these! Where bigger and more established companies helps to publicise about us and spread the word about what we are doing.

What would you use the funds for?

We would use the funds to set up and run our website, to pay for people whom we engage to run our programmes in supporting parenting, to buy materials needed for our programmes, to publicise and market our events and programmes.  

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