Hari Raya Donation Drive with Project Goodwill Aid

by Nur Aziemah Jun 14, 2016

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In just two short years, halalfoodhunt.com has evolved multifold. Having been locally birthed, grown and nurtured organically, it's been a rough and arduous journey getting to this point. Despite the trials, every second has been made worth it with by the people who have loyally supported us and encouraged us. In order to show our gratitude, we wanted to pay it forward by supporting our fellow, local ground movers this time round. With the launch of our FRIENDS rewards card, we can now give back to the community by contributing $5 from the sale of every card purchased into a pool of funds, that will be disbursed in fix denominations to beneficiaries with worthwhile causes. These causes can range from charitable works, environmental protection and advocacy, or simply pursuing something good that matters to them – like being a resource for information on good parenting. Sometimes, we even help other startups like us. While preparing the release of the card, we took time to scour for great causes around and one of these was Project Goodwill Aid (PGA). A self volunteer group, PGA was set up to reach out to those who were suffering behind closed doors. Laboriously, the volunteers take great pains to go door to door and personally identify these individuals. They focus on aiding low income families and elderly who are residing on their own and have no family, from cleaning projects, getting rations for daily necessities to getting them back on their feet.

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Every year, PGA hosts an annual month-long Hari Raya Drive, where a mass collection, packaging and distribution of everyday items occurs. This drive is targeted to reach 1000 hampers of everyday necessities worth $50.  This year, the drive begins on the 2nd & 3rd of July with sorting and packing. Already, PGA has begun collecting donations for the groceries and the recruitment of volunteers but there is still plenty of sourcing out to be done.


To help them with this important cause, we would like to reach out to everyone! There are three ways we can help them out: 1. Donations & Contributions To run this drive, PGA will need items from the list below. Contributors can help out by donating any of the following items on the list or ordering them online, and sending them personally to any of the 8 residential collection points from now until 28 June at 10pm. For delivery of the items, representatives must be contacted at least a day in advance, using the mention "PGA Drive”. Alternatively, contributors can also choose to sponsor the groceries by dropping PGA a PM on their FB page here.

List of Items for Donation (ALL ITEMS MUST BE HALAL CERTIFIED)

  • 2.5kg Fairprice Rice
  • 2L Sotong brand Cooking Oil
  • 250g Babas Curry Powder Meat/Chicken
  • 250g Rempah Kurma
  • 120g Knorr Cube Ikan Bilis
  • 300g Dahlia Tamarind (Asam)
  • 1kg H/Family Sugar
  • 500g Pagoda Salt
  • 250g Tanghoon
  • 400g Beehoon Rice Vermicelli
  • 30s Nona Ketupat Mini
  • 200ml Kara Coconut Cream x3
  • 2L F&N Cordial Syrup
  • 18s 3-in-1 Milo pack
  • 25s Lipton Tea bag
  • 1.5L Sarsi
  • Hari Raya Cookies - any type welcome
  • Muruku - any type of kerepek/crackers welcome too
  • Baulu - any type of cake welcome too

Aidilfitri Groceries

Note: For large quantity items, please deliver to Al Amin Mosque directly.
Drop off will be available from June 18th to July 1st at 5pm.
To drop off, contact Siti Nurani at 8613 1242 a few days in advance.

Aidilfitri Collection Points

2. Volunteers

For a massive drive such as this, PGA are sourcing out for as many volunteers as possible. Volunteers will be needed to help out with the sorting and packing that will happen on Saturday, July 2nd at Al Amin mosque at 1.30pm.
Aidilfitri Volunteer
For interested volunteers, SMS/WA to PGA at 82493731 in the following format:
❥ Raya Drive Packing
❥ Name & FB name ❥ Contact No (HP preferred) ❥ No of Pax
For volunteers who own a vehicle and would love to be part of the delivery to the beneficiary homes, they are more than welcomed to join them on 3rd July for the distribution of the items! The meeting point for the distribution will be at Al Amin mosque - 50 Telok Blangah Way S(098801).
If interested, SMS/WA to PGA at 82493731 in the following format:
❥ Raya Drive Distribution
❥ Time slot 10am/12 noon/2pm
❥ Name & FB name ❥ Contact No (HP preferred) ❥ No of Vehicles
❥ Mode of transport


3. Spread the Word in your groups and social platforms!

If you wish to help PGA further but are unable to make it for the dates, then help us by spreading out the word. Text your friends, post and share this article so that more people can join this cause. Let's make this a Raya to remember for everyone,no matter what background we come from!


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