Here's Where to Get Halal Shibuya Toast (only till 31 Dec 2017!)

by Safiah Alias Nov 06, 2017

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Shibuya toasts have been going around as a food trend for breakfast, brunch and just generally dessert in Singapore for some time, but we finally came across a Halal-certified place which sells it, but ONLY TILL 31 December 2017. Kumoya has it as part of “Miffy meets Kumoya” which is taking place from 5 October 2017 (Thursday) to 31 December 2017 (Sunday). 

Shibuya toasts are a sweeter, more indulgent version of the French toast and usually comes with with a scoop (or multiple ones) of ice cream, fruits, toppings. Another feature of the Shibuya toast is a thick brick toast is used, which is hollowed out, and filled with squares of toast and more fruits or desserts. 

Matcha Mountain Azuki Shibuya Toast

Halal Matcha Shibuya Toast in Singapore at Kumoya Cafe

Halal Matcha Shibuya Toast in Singapore at Kumoya Cafe


Shibuya toast served with fresh churned creamy Hokkaido soft serve, buttery Miffy cookies, fresh matcha cream with fruits, matcha sticks, mango, azuki, crunchy pistachio bits and matcha sauce. ($23.90)

Good for 4-5 adults to share after a heavy meal, or between 2 just for desserts. This thing is hugeeeeee. Plus the matcha they used is the real stuff guys, the green bitter powder may not be too popular with many people but those who love matcha should just go ahead and dig in. Literally. 


Chock-full Chocolate Banana Shibuya Toast


This one is better for the kids because not everyone would love the strong bitter taste of matcha. 

Halal Shibuya Toast in Singapore


Shibuya toast served with fresh churned creamy Hokkaido soft serve, caramelised bananas, brownies, fresh cream with fruits and deliciously dark chocolate sauce. ($22.90)



If you’re craving for a highly satisfying and indulgent dessert after your meal, Shibuya Toasts are the way to go, but it is definitely not a light dessert. You can make your way to Kumoya specially for their Shibuya toasts, and share it between two. Otherwise, you can share among 4-5 people after a heavy meal (because there is so much to try at Kumoya!)

PLUS, you can use the FRIENDS Card to get 10% off with no minimum spending! That's always a bonus because prices at Kumoya are not cheap, but the food is so worth it. 

We ordered so much! 
 Halal Singapore French-Japanese food at Kumoya Cafe


Disclaimer: We were invited for a media preview to taste their food but trust me, I would go back for more!!! 

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