More than Just A Fusion Cuisine Restaurant, Eat'Z 19 Supports Women

by Nur Aziemah Sep 28, 2016

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Established in 1999, Eat'z 19 is one of the more veteran restaurants around. Eatz 19 emerged at a time when Western food was gaining traction in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore. It was one of the very first establishments to introduce Western cuisine to the Asian palate. Despite having been in the scene for over a decade, it has consistently maintained its antique Western taste. It also serves up flavours that are very much reminiscent of the past.  eatz19 - halalfoodhunt

Serving up a fusion of Western and Eastern cuisines

Eat'z 19 derived its name from the phrase Bismillahirahmanirrahim

Interestingly, the number 19 in its name is derived from the 19 arabic characters of the phrase Bismillahirahmanirrahim in Arabic. Faithful to this specific double-digit, Eat'z 19 consistently ensures that there are always 19 items on its menu at any point in time. Over the years, Shakila Sham, the owner has diligently kept to this concept.  Even as the menu has evolved repeatedly.  

A change of scene for the eatery

Eat'z 19 was originally located at Liang Seah Street. However as the street became overcrowded, Shakila made the decision to relocate to the heart of town. At its new home, Eat'z 19 continues to improve and innovate. Its menu is refined on a regular basis. After relocating, Eat'z 19 has included scrumptious lunch take aways to cater to the office workers in the area. pepper chicken pasta - halalfoodhunt

Pepper Chicken Pasta


Maharaja Soup - A combination of unique flavours

The Eat'z 19 menu comprises of various harmonious combinations. They combine Western bases such as pasta with Asian sauces to create new dishes. Its made evident in dishes like the Black Pepper Chicken Pasta, Chilli Crab Pasta and Tandoori Chicken wrap. Another testament to this is the exotic Maharaja soup. This is a must-try for sure. The Maharaja soups tastes like lobster soup - more common overseas - yet, it strangely reminded us of comforting chicken soup. It is so delicious that Shakila mentioned that Aaron Aziz's wife used to order it to stave off her pregnancy cravings.  

eatz19 team - halalfoodhunt

Eat'z 19 are staffed by women from all walks of life

A restaurant with a purpose

A more special facet of Eat'z 19 that distinguishes it from other restaurants is Shakila's strong belief in women empowerment and commitment to give back to the community. Driven with purpose, Shakila recruits only women as her staff. The crew of Eat'z 19 supports women from all walks of life. Single mothers, orphaned women to those who are struggling in life. These women come together in a sisterhood that are a beacon of resilience and strength. Shakila even goes as far as to approach Pertapis whenever sourcing out for staff for her eatery. The oldest member of the staff has been with her for more than a decade. Shakila's affection and care for them also shines through in her interactions with them. Even in the midst of the food photography session, she insistently requested to have her staff's photos taken. She was eager to have proper photos of her crew and have them look good as well. Her pride in them is evident. In return, these women reciprocate through their loyalty and dedication to Shakila by giving her their full support and hard work.

Giving back to the community

Not only does she advocate women empowerment, Shakila also uses Eat'z 19 as a way to give back to society. With the "Eat'z with Love" program, the eatery sets aside a portion of its earnings to provide lunch to old folks' homes and orphanages. However affected by the recent move of the restaurant, they were forced to cease the program temporarily. Still, Shakila expresses her heartfelt wish to revive this program once more and looks forward to giving back to society once more. For more info on Eat'z 19, visit them here! Flash your FRIENDS Rewards Card for a 10% discount valid with minimum spending of $40. Not valid with any other promotions. Find out more about the FRIENDS Rewards Card which rewards you when you dine in at halal restaurants around Singapore here.

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