Our FRIENDS Guide to 10% off Your Iftar Meals

by Nur Aziemah Jun 09, 2016

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You've finally gotten your hands on your very own brand new, shiny FRIENDS Rewards Card! Tadah...

Your Brand New, Shiny FRIENDS Rewards Card!Your Brand New, Shiny FRIENDS Rewards Card!

Gleefully, you rub your hands, log onto halalfoodhunt.com to check out the whole list of offers and the next question that comes up is... where do I go now? We have rounded up the perfect places for you to enjoy your rewards for iftar. So feel free to mingle, strengthen your bonds with family and friends and get ready to be rewarded with a cut off your bill on top of that! To start blazing your Ramadan trail, here's the list of places to be at:

GREAThai - 10% OFF 

with min. spending of $50

If Western and Malay cuisine ever gets too stale for you after awhile, then take a breather and coast down to East Village and get Thai food instead. And, if you're dining in with a party of 3 or more, you'll hit the minimum spending easy! They provide different menus for you to try out at their River Valley and East Village outlets if you are looking for variety. Spice up your iftar with a bowl of hot, steaming Tom Yum and polish off your palate with a refreshing, crunchy plate of Mango Salad.

greathai-123Tom Yum @ GREAThai

greathai-81Mango Salad @ GREAThai

River Valley Outlet Location: 413 River Valley Road, Singapore 24831   Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday - 12noon to 11.30pm, Friday & Saturday - 12noon to 2am More information here: http://sg.halalfoodhunt.com/places/greathai-river-valley East Village Outlet Location: 430 Upper Changi Road #01-06, Singapore 487048 Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday - 11.30am to 10pm More information here: http://sg.halalfoodhunt.com/places/greathai-east-village

My Spice Affair - 10% OFF 

everything and anything, even promo items!

In the spirit of Ramadan, it's always nice to spend time with your family and friends. What better way then over a platter of steaming, hot rice and an array of scrumptious spread dishes. Food is more delicious when you have a few hands on the plate, scrambling for that last chunk of beef rendang. Get traditional with My Spice Affair with their Jumbo and Premium Nasi Ambeng platters.

myspiceaffair-8Nasi Ambeng @ My Spice Affair

Location: 12 Kallang Avenue #02-11, Aperia Mall, Singapore 339511 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday & Sunday - 10am to 8pm More information here: http://sg.halalfoodhunt.com/places/my-spice-affair

Kaw Kaw Sg by Makan State - 10% OFF 

valid on weekdays

For something a little more upscale, there is the rusty, chic Kaw Kaw Sg to visit. Enjoy delicious Asian fusion cuisine crafted for people who love food. Enjoy the chill vibe of the restaurant as you eat. For light yet filling, we recommend the Permaisuri burger and for the more adventurous, get a bite of the Spicy Bolo burger for good measure. Pair up your meals with their delectable beverages and you're set!

Spread @ Kaw Kaw SGSpread @ Kaw Kaw SG

Location: 28 Aliwal St #01-01, Singapore 199918 Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday - 12noon to 11pm, Friday to Sunday - 3pm to 11pm More information here: http://sg.halalfoodhunt.com/places/kawkaw-sg-by-makan-state

Ocean Seafood - 10% 0FF 

valid with a min. spending of $25

Heading to the east side of the map, we've got comfort food galore at Ocean Seafood at Downtown East. Armed with a large, trusty plate of Chilli Crab and a mountain load of Cereal Prawns, dig in with your comrades. They've got refreshing coconut juice to accompany your meal and to help you cool off in this hot, stuffy weather.

Cereal PrawnCereal Prawn @ Ocean Seafood Station

Shiok Chili CrabShiok Chili Crab @ Ocean Seafood Station

Location: 1 Pasir Ris Close #01-34, Downtown East, Singapore 519599 Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday - 11.30am to 10pm More information here: http://sg.halalfoodhunt.com/places/ocean-seafood-station

The Ramen Stall - 10% OFF on weekdays 

with a min spending of $50

A rare, halal Japanese restaurant found in Singapore, this restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine made from scratch. Of course, it's a must to try ramen when you're here but for an extra something something on the side, we recommend the addictive grilled edamame or the torched beef.


Spread @ The Ramen Stall

Location:  787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 5pm to 6am, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays - 12pm to 6am? More information here: http://sg.halalfoodhunt.com/places/the-ramen-stall

I Am Legend - 10% OFF 

Valid on all items, except promo items

Tucked in the West, we spot the legendary, I Am Legend. Baited by their Salted Egg Pasta and huge, mega burgers, it's a perfect spot for a group hang out. Order an array of food, grab a seat and bask in hearty, good food! And incase you forgot what we were talking about...

Messy Joe @ I Am Legend, Big Box

Messy Joe @ I Am Legend, Big Box

Salted Egg Prawn Pasta @ I Am Legend, Big Box

Salted Egg Prawn Pasta @ I Am Legend, Big Box

Location: 1 Venture Avenue, Big Box, Singapore 608521 Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday - 12noon to 9pm More Information here: http://sg.halalfoodhunt.com/places/i-am-legend That's all we've got for now folks. Get regular updates on our social platforms and look out for more rewards coming your way at halalfoodhunt.com! And if you haven't gotten your very own FRIENDS rewards card yet then, what are you waiting for! Enjoy deals at our many merchants with a flash of a card! Get a FRIENDS card here!

halalfoodhunt.com is THE hunting ground for you to scout for halal food places in Singapore, make reservations at restaurants, as well as to get your latest cravings delivered to you. Be handsomely rewarded for choosing halal when you take it one step further by being our FRIEND. Check us out at halalfoodhunt.com!


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