Unique and Halal PrimaDéli Snowskin Mooncakes - Salted Caramel Toffee, Chendol, D24 Durian Chocolate

by Halalfoodhunt Sep 14, 2017

Primadeli royal gift set halal mooncake singapore

Mid-Autumn Festival will be on Wednesday 4 October 2017 this year. Singapore’s first home-grown bakery franchise offers new mooncake flavours from Singapore’s cake specialist, PrimaDéli, with five new snowskin flavours this year. From Chendol to Durian, from Red Velvet to Black Sesame Almond – there is something new for every palate. The Halalfoodhunt team tried and found that there was at least one flavour that we liked. 

“Developing new flavours is no mean feat, but it is something the team at PrimaDéli has successfully done for our wide selection of cakes. It is this expertise that has enabled us to annually introduce new mooncake options that deliver a flavour punch!” said Mr George Lim, General Manager, PrimaDéli.

These new flavours come packaged in a light snowskin that delivers a perfect bite and leaves an icy sensation behind. They come in mini-sizes, perfect for just a taste. Even then each person only tasted 1/8th of every mooncake.

For those who want to watch their sugar intake while still basking under the full moon, PrimaDéli is also launching two new less sugar baked mooncakes with lotus paste.

The PrimaDéli Mooncakes will be available for sale at all PrimaDéli outlets from 4 September 2017.


From durian to chendol – something to suit every palate

The mini snowskin mooncakes tasted like mochi with ice cream inside. Refridgerate for extra oomph! 

The flavours include local favourites such as the Mini Chendol – bursting with red beans, coconut puree and gula melaka in a white chocolate filling with pandan chendol running through the filling and snowskin. Those who prefer a richer and more luxuriant flavour can pick up the Mini D24 Durian Chocolate, with premium durian flesh nestled within a decadent layer of chocolate which was quite surprising!

For a more auspicious splash of red, try the Mini Red Velvet with a sumptuous creamy cheese heart in chocolate. For a lighter touch on the palate, there is the Mini Mango Cream Cheese, which features a delightful combination of cream cheese, white chocolate, mango and honey. The Mini Black Sesame Almond serves as a nice savoury counterpoint, with its combination of sesame seeds and almond.


PrimaDeli Halal Mooncakes Snowskin

The full list of flavours include:

1.    Mini Red Velvet (New this year)

2.    Mini Chocolate Mint 

3.    Mini Salted Caramel Toffee

4.    Mini Chendol (New this year)

5.    Mini Mango Cream Cheese (New this year)

6.    Mini Cookies and Cream 

7.    Mini D24 Durian Chocolate (New this year)

8.    Mini Black Sesame Almond (New this year)

9.    Mini Pandan Lotus

Individual mini snowskin mooncakes range from $5.80 to $6. You can also gift one set to your colleauges or business partners with the Royal Gift Set which costs $51.30.

The mooncakes will be on sale from 4 September 2017 at all PrimaDéli outlets.

Early Bird Special 4 Sep - 18 Sep 2017

30% off - with minimum purchase of 1 box of 4 pcs (regular size) or 9 pcs (mini size)
For CitiBank Cardholders: 23% off usual price + 10% Citi rebate (with minimum spend of $22)

Special Promotion 19 Sep - 4 Oct 2017

20% off - with minimum purchase of 1 box of 4 pcs (regular size) or 9 pcs (mini size)
For CitiBank Cardholders: 13% off usual price + 10% Citi rebate (with minimum spend of $22)


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