Romantic Dinner Recommendation - Gurame Restaurant

by Jumaiyah Mahathir Sep 09, 2015

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Earlier this year, we published an article talking about the things we looked out for in a food place that makes it our favourite makan place. It is with happy news that I have found yet another place that not only fits the bill, but is now my favourite go to place for a romantic getaway dinner home-away-from-home with the loving husband on our special days that we like to celebrate. Husband planned this visit for us as a surprise for me for our 2nd Anniversary, and I'm definitely recommending it to all you loving couples looking for something away from malls and the noise of our bustling city.


Situated in the far east of Singapore, at the very end of East Coast park lies a gem that I didn't know about until recently. The spot that boasts of its intimate setting has also recently become one of the up and coming choice of venue for weddings - as evidently shown among my newly wed friends. 

As soon as we were shown to our seats, I think my senses were given quite a treat! The romantic setting, and lighting was enough to make us feel like we weren't really in Singapore. I especially liked how the open environment meant that we couldn't really hear the next table, making our conversation that bit more private, and special. We could hear the lapping of the waves against the rocks and the wind against our faces. Yes, the wind at the beach is pretty strong, so if you're a hijabi like me, please put on those extra pins to help secure your hijab. That particular day, I was wearing a particularly loose tudung, so it was flying around quite a bit. Haha. 

Occasionally, you will see planes flying by, since we were so near to the airport. But planes or no planes, I very much enjoyed the setting towards the evening. We placed our orders not too long after we arrived, and the food was served to us just as the sun was about to go down. 

Husband and I are not big eaters, and so we normally just order 3 dishes. We had the Gurame Fish with Special Sauce, the Tahu Telur (husband's favourite), and sambal kangkong that didn't make it to the photos because we were starving, and the food served, was delicious. 


My favourite dish for the night was definitely the Gurame Fish with special sauce. I loved, loved loved this fish. the sauce had the right about of spiciness and crunchiness, and just enough of everything. I asked for more sauce, but unfortunately the sauce is cooked together with the fish, so there weren't any extra. 

As this is an Indonesian Restaurant, get your tongues ready for authentic Indonesian taste, ok? I hardly think that any of the dishes were altered to fit local tastes. That said, when you guys do visit, bear in mind that the menu is pretty limited, with majority of the dishes would be dishes that you recognise, and are pretty common - hence why I ordered the Fish with special sauce. I really wanted something special. (lol) But I highly doubt that anything you order off the menu will be a disappointment, seeing how delicious the fish was. We also didn't know quite know what to expect when we ordered, since the menu had no photos. So we just went with it, although photos on the menu would be nice.. 

As the evening came, we appreciated the evening light and the evening wind even more. I think you can see my husband's hair distorted by the wind here. haha! You will be able to see the lights of Batam, and other islands just off the east coast. And, when it's time to pray, fret not. Gurame has clean spacious toilets. 

They also have fully equipped musollahs as good as those in hotels. 

The musollah has a common entrance, with 2 different rooms, so that the ladies and the gentlemen have separate praying areas. 

I think the restaurant is also extra thoughtful to prepare chairs at the musollah, together with the telekung for the convenience of their patrons. 

And, if you happen to want to book this place for your wedding, they also have a different room for the bride and the groom to get ready for your special day. No worries about that. 

With the sun, the sea, the romantic lights and ambience, complete with fantastic service and a beautiful musollah, What's not to love about Gurame Restaurant? I loved it so much, I asked my dad to bring my mom here the week after we were there. Haha! PS. Please excuse the not so good photos. It was all taken with my phone as I didn't bring my camera that day!

Gurame Indonesian Restaurant
11 Changi Coast Walk Singapore 499740
Tel: 65422038
Gurame Indonesian Restaurant is MUIS Halal-Certified 
They open only for lunch and dinner, so call ahead before coming! 

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