What We Love About the Latest Dishes at Sarah's Pancake Cafe!

by Jumaiyah Mahathir Sep 14, 2015

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When Sarah's Pancake Cafe say they can do Batter, they really really do mean it. After months of deep consideration and discussions with the Chef, they came up with three new dishes and called us to come down for a bite. Naturally after that much effort, it is no surprise that what they served showed the high level of dedication they have to their craft. Let's start off with the #PBG, or what we affectional call it, not the pan-cake but the MAN-CAKE. Our first introduction to their pancake burger was, for the lack of a better word, WOAH!  The patty was succulent with that kick of spice and the pancakes were fluffy and if I thought I loved that I was wrong because after that *give me a moment to just revel in the memory*... 

One bite into this art piece have you tasting the very fresh, hand made burger patty, with all its herbs and spices in it. Us, being girls, we loved the fact that the patty was not at all greasy! There was enough beef to the bite, and together with its home made sauce, it makes you feel like what you've just put in your mouth, is almost nothing short of perfect. 

A little closer look #PBG will have you noticing some shitake mushroom peeking out from under the egg. The mushrooms were my favourite part of this art piece, other than it's very unique sauce. When we visited Sarah's Pancake, they have yet to decide on the name for this creation, and with this photo, we almost wanted to call it, the sunshine man-cake just because it looks so happy from the top! The egg was made just right, with its runny yolk to make it that bit more tantalizing. 

So if you think you're too manly for pancakes, then this one is just the pancake for you! Don't worry about the fact that the bread has been replaced by the pancakes, because we guarantee that it would be a very welcome change! Fluffy, soft to the tastebuds, and definitely on point! The next dish topped my radar for delicious and (seemingly) healthy. So ladies, if you're on a dinner date at Sarah's Pancake, this next pancake is a top contender, especially if you want the cake, not the calories.

I must commend the team at Sarah's Pancake for their creativity with the pancakes. They can make it thick and spongey, light and fluffy, and they can also make it thin as pita! I kid you not, even when the plate was right in front of me, I thought that those 4 quarter pieces we pitas, and not pancakes!

I bet you were fooled too! This dish is definitely something to look out for, especially to the girl next door weight-watcher-but-still-want-to-eat-good-food. The chicken fajitas filling tastes good on its own, but even better when rolled up in the ultra-thin pita-looking pancakes. And when you finally do get a chance to bite into the roll, like me, you'll realise that what you thought was a firm pita, would now taste really soft. With it's soft and thin pancake wrap, I can't think of what's there not to love for this very lady dish.

The Fajitas, lovely thin crepes accompanied by this awesome bowl of SUCCULENT chunks of chicken with caramelized onions and capsicum. That dish was refreshing, light and Delicious (note the capital D). People, you need to try it - Highly recommended not by just one, or two, but by 3 of the halalfoodhunt team! The very last but definitely not least, is the item on their secret menu - the milo pancake.

Here's where we tell people that every restaurant has a secret menu. EVERY. RESTAURANT. HAS. ONE. And they only reveal it to lucky people. We were not the first to try this, but we're so grateful that the lovely husband and wife team at Sarah's Pancake let us try! hehehehe... This dessert that wraps up our visit to Sarah's Pancake is made up of the milo pancakes, with sweet condense milk and drizzled with biscuits and milo powder, served with vanilla Ice Cream. I believe, if I could eat my milo drink, then this would be its closest form.

While the taste is right there, and Zie loving it (ALOT), it didn't quite hit the 100% mark with Dee and Me. For Dee and I, we would probably need to share it, else we wouldn't be able to finish it. We would probably love it better if the pancakes were lighter and fluffier - the high amounts of milo probably made the pancake a wee bit dense. We hear that the kitchen team at Sarah's Pancake will be putting this back up on the drawing (or cooking) board, and they'll pull it out of the secret menu as soon as it's in tip top shape. So when you do see it on the menu, it may look slightly different from the picture that we took above, and it would probably taste way better as well! 

With the dedication of the family we saw at Sarah's Pancake, there are definitely gems in the menu - and we highly encourage you to find those gems, coz when you do, it will be worth every single bite.

Last but not least, Happy Anniversary to the proud owners of Sarah's Pancake - Kamil & Alina! May Allah swt grant you many more happy and loving years together!

Sarah's Pancake Cafe
430 Upp Changi Rd, East Village Mall #01-62 (Simpang Bedok)
Mon - Thurs: 12pm - 930pm Fri: 3pm - 1130pm Sat: 9am - 1130pm & Sun: 9am - 1030pm


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