Spotlight: Bakwan Jagung at Pondok Jawa Timur!

by Nur Aziemah Jul 01, 2016

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The Glorious Spread at Pondok Jawa Timur

When dining out at an Indonesian restaurant like Pondok Jawa Timur (PJT), here are few tips we'd like to dish. To start off, as you enter PJT, do NOT just make a blind headway into Ayam Penyet la-la land. HOLD YOUR HORSES PEOPLE! Backtrack. Rewind. Just pause and actually savor the glorious range of food that PJT actually has to offer. Okay, where to start? We start off with the regular basics. Firstly, there's the assorted rice sets. Each has its own special combination of sides which you can also get a la carte.  


Nasi Uduk @ Pondok Jawa Timur


Nasi Kuning Set @ Pondok Jawa Timur

They have the rice sets from the Nasi Kuning to the peculiar sounding Nasi Uduk - pandan infused rice with it's accompanying side dishes. The different combinations of sides are well matched to complement each other. Our preferred sides are the Beef Rendang and the Pecel Kediri. The chunks of beef are soft and tender and the Pecel Kediri - a mix of veg with a peanut sauce - gives you that classic Javanese flavour. 

Rawon - Javanese Beef Black Soup

On to the soup bases, a must try is the Soto Madura and the Rawon soup. The Rawon soup is a Javanese beef black soup which carries its own unique, indescribable taste. 

Soto Madura Served with a Lime Slice and Chili Sauce

For the Soto Madura, it's not enough to just slurp the soup as it is. If you want to discover a whole new level of tantalising, squeeze the accompanying wedge of lime and add the chili into the soup. We hear that's how it's meant to be had and trust us when we say that they KNOW what they're talking about. The tinge of sourness from the lime and that additional kick from the chili will make your taste buds SING! Simply de-licious! For those with tinier stomachs like Dee who likes to eat lighter dishes, the gado-gado is great option. The veggies are fresh and crisp and the crackers gives an extra crunch. Another great alternative is the tahu telor. The tahu is lightly battered with egg and covered in sweet peanut sauce. Yum! From the side dishes, we just CANNOT leave out our super favourite - the Bakwan Jagung!!! 


Our Ultimate Fave - Bakwan Jagung

This dish comes in a set of three. Its a fried minced corn cake and prawns and its sooo good. It's reminiscent of the Malay prawn fritters but the use of corn and minced prawn gives a totally new take on this traditional side dish. After all that, make sure to cleanse your palate with the shaved ice desserts. 


Ice Campur - A Classic Indonesian Ice Shaved Dessert served with Cendol, Grass Jelly, Young Coconut and Atap Seed

Another classic favourite of Indonesian cuisine, their version of shaved ice is refreshing and addictive. The ice campur is nice and all but the ice teler with avocado and chempedak is the one to get. Bundle it all up with a shiok cup of avocado juice and you've got yourself the perfect indo meal.

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