Spotlight: Every Type of Satay at Jamil Sate Classic

by Jumaiyah Mahathir Jul 01, 2016

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Have you ever met such a sweet couple that runs a small shop near your house that like to talk to you like how family would? You'd get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you meet them ever so often. Well, that was the feeling I got when I met the couple behind the Jamil Sate Classic, Reen and Azman. Here's a look at what they have to offer our hungry tummies via delivery straight to our doorstep.  


Sate Platter by Jamil Sate Classic

Giving a modern delivery twist to the local sate, Jamil Sate Classic took out the stick out of the sate, pan grilled it and pack it up nicely in a bento box for ease of delivery, and to give you more value for your dollar. What we consumers normally are not aware of, is that each sate that is packed is normally weight by grams, according to the order request - so just by removing the stick from every order, they pack in way more meat and flavour than what they would do otherwise. Sounds good? Well, there's more goodness in this bento box than you think. 


Sate Bento by Jamil Sate Classic

Girls like me - who put on weight easily - are always on this battle of calorie vs cravings. We would love anything that marries the two! Jamil Sate Classic commits to being your healthier choice sate by choosing only lean and premium meat. No msg nor preservatives are used, and because they pan grill their satay, way less oil is being used compared to our usual sate goreng. You can also choose two meats if you have two favourites like me! I would order the mutton and the sate babat (just because I don't know what babat is in english, lol). 


Sate bento Variations by Jamil Sate Classic

I have eaten alot of satay in my lifetime. For at least once a month, my husband and I will make a trip to Lau Pa Sat at just for the Satay over there. So trust me when I say the Satay Babat from Jamil Sate Classic is so so very tender (in Malay, we call this lembut). It is VERY VERY TENDER. I hear that to achieve that sort of tenderness, they slow cook the meat for about four hours. Yikes! That's dedication!

Forgive my lack of vocabulary when I say that the flavour of each and every type of sate is very unique to Jamil Sate - the taste on it own is a recipe that has travelled through generations taught from Encik Jamil, to his son, the current owner, Encik Azman. There's no way around it, you have to try it to believe me.

I didn't know that there was another type of satay that could top my love for sate babat. But this round, Kak Reen, introduced to us the Spicy Chicken Satay and my tastebuds loved its every texture and taste. Its the item in the middle from the photo above, and I recommend that you give that one a try. The marination is soooo generous, and the meat is so tender, it's perfect for people who love spicy food like me!


Prawn Sate by Jamil Sate Classic

If you're up for some variety, give the prawns a try, but of course, it wont be as crunchy as the satay that we see being grilled live with hot fiery flames. If you want Jamil Sate Classic to make an appearance at your events or wedding, they also have live station versions of their satay and are able to make Satay look so pretty.


Satay for Wedding Bookings by Jamil Sate Classic

I don't think any of the older generation will be reading but I'll put this up anyway. Jamil Sate used to be at these places, when it first established itself in 1964 by Encik Jamil. Namely - the Esplanade, Police Academy, and Wayang Satu. Today, this business is succeeded by his seventh child (out of 10) - Encik Azman. We fell in love with the food, and the people behind Jamil Sate Classic and we recommend that you have them for iftar, or place orders for their bentos to appear during your Hari Raya Open houses in the coming months. If I would stick my neck out for any satay, I would say Jamil Sate Classic would be my top choice satay anytime! Jamil Sate Classic is listed on here: 

Click on the link to know where to find them, and on how to order their sate.

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