Spotlight: Salted Egg Chicken @ Segar Village

by Shamsydar Ani Jun 17, 2016

Segar village salted egg chicken


What really piqued my interest about Segar Village and its group of restaurants has to be how the people who run it come from (or learnt from) the previous generation of restaurant owners. While the current trend of eateries to pop up around town would be cafes and bistros that feature foods for the Americas or thematic bistros of European countries, about 10-20 years ago in the 1990s, the trend was to open live seafood restaurants. These restaurants are where fishes would be swimming in their tanks as the customers select which ones they want to buy for their dinner that day. Thats from alive and swimming to sweet sour fish on tour table in less than 20 minutes - that's the difference between live seafood and the normal seafood restaurants we see nowadays. This is what I mean by the 'previous generation' of restaurants. To date, we see lesser and lesser of such restaurants, as the demand for live seafood lessen over the years. But it's great to find the hidden gems like Segar Village that still retain the culture and authenticity of Singapore Food!



Salted Egg Chicken @ Segar Village


If there’s a must-try dish at Segar Village on Sims Way, it’s the salted egg chicken. Of course, the entire world is going crazy over salted eggs - salted egg waffles, salted egg churros dip, salted egg prawns - the list goes on and on! What makes Segar Village’s salted egg chicken stands out is that the deep fried chicken chunks stays crunchy even after being drenched in the salted egg sauce. Crispy, spicy, salty yet sweet is what makes this my personal favourite at Segar Village.



Spread @ Segar Village


Alternatively, you can cave in to your temptations with the live steamed fish, cooked ala Thai with your choice of the catch of the day - sea bass is of course the go-to choice. Have your tastebuds tantalised with the fish steamed to perfection in an aromatic broth. 



Cream Sauce Prawns @ Segar Village


A few other dishes that will top our recommendation list at Segar Village would be the Cream Prawns. Its thick and creamy sauce served with fresh prawns will definitely be one dish to remember once you're done having your dinner. With this dish - you just have to enjoy the prawns and the cream just like that - or enjoy it with buns - no rice required. Also deserving of your undivided dinner attention, would be the black pepper crabs.



Black Pepper Crabs @ Segar Village


And if you're still considering if Segar Village is worth a visit, remember that the above crab, its from crawling to your plate, in less than 20 minutes.  The taste of live seafood vs just seafood is something worth learning about the food we're eating. :)

For more info on Segar Village, click here, here, here, and here. Well obviously that's coz they have 4 different restaurants. But bear in mind, only Segar Village has the tanks with the fishes swimming, and the crabs and prawns crawling around. All outlets come with big round tables so bring your families and friends and colleagues when you come to visit because the best foods that they serve come in sharing portions.


Segar Village
Area: Kallang
For more info on Segar Village, click here!

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