Sunday Sourdough's Nutritious & Nourishing Bakes

by Nur Aziemah Sep 07, 2016

Sundaysourdough 2

Combing through the outlets at East Village, we couldn't resist zooming in on this charming bakery named Sunday Sourdough. Outfitted with glitzy, golden flags and emblazoned with the curly cues of Sunday Sourdough, this cute outlet is set to be an eye catcher. sundaysourdough- halalfoodhunt Even though it may not look like a bakery and more like a pop-up kitchen with its small space and stacks of ingredients, trust us, THIS is where the magic happens, according to the direction of Mdm Marhaini.
Fougasse- halalfoodhunt


It was only at Sunday Sourdough that I discovered fougasse. Native to French cuisine, fougasse is a kind of bread typically that originated in Provence. The dough is sometimes shaped into patterns that make out an ear of wheat. Fascinating right?

However you see it, there seems to be an art to Marhaini's bakes and it shows as we enter her little haven. Noticing the stacks of imported Italian flour and oats to the fancy bottles and tins of peanut butter and tea, it feels as if we've stepped into a different place altogether.
Thai Milk Tea Madeleines and Blueberry Scones- halalfoodhunt

Thai Milk Tea Madeleines and Blueberry Scones

A page out of Alice in Wonderland, the sun burnt blueberry scones and graceful madeleines look fit to grace the Mad Hatter's table itself. However as unassuming as it all seems, Sunday Sourdough's bakes are not all just pretty looks. Behind their looks, her bakes are testament to the quality ingredients scattered around the shop. She does justice to her ingredients by making the most delectable treats yet, maintaining its essence and nutritious value. sunday sourdough granola - haloalfoodhunt

Granola Bits at Sunday Sourdough

Made for her children to snack on at school, the bars are flavorful and fatally addictive. One bite keeps you craving for more. Luckily though, it's one snack that won't make you feel guilty. Filled with honey and a wholesome mix of grains and dried fruits, the vanilla bean coconut was delicious. Sunday Sourdough even offers kid friendly flavors like the milk chocolate and peanut butter. This is great for parents who want to integrate wholesome snacks into their children's diets.
Potato Focaccia Bread- halalfoodhunt

Potato Focaccia Bread

It's the consideration for better diets that makes Sunday Sourdough so special. Marhaini used to fashion her granola to be lactation friendly. Hence, she could enjoy them during her pregnancy. Later, she experimented with it further because she wanted to introduce it into her parents' diets so they could eat healthier. Now, even her breads are made gluten free and she sometimes even customises bakes for her customers to include vegan preferences and such. I may not think much about what ingredients goes into the breads and cakes that I eat but I definitely appreciate that her bakes are more nutritious and nourishing. They are healthy made delicious. sundaysourdough-Onion Sourdough Focaccia Bread-halalfoodhunt

Onion Sourdough Focaccia Bread

There's also the hearty and filling focaccia breads like the strong goat cheese sourdough that I scarfed down (I haven't had my dinner and I was really, really hungry then). Hungry or otherwise, I couldn't put down the madeleines because they were so good. Even though I ate the scones a couple of days after, they still had that freshly made taste. All in all, it was made with effort and dedication and I felt it in every bite! For more info on Sunday Sourdoughclick here!

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