5 Dishes to Try at Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

by Safiah Alias Jul 01, 2016

Fika cafe halal swedish meatball singapore

Step into Fika Cafe for a much needed respite from the hectic pace of life that is Singapore. With the warm brown wood, and the silhouette of moose on its white brick walls, you’ll believe this is how Sweden homes look like even if you've never been there.



1. Tunnbrödsrulle 

fika halal Swedish food Singapore Tunnbrödsrulle

Tunnbrödsrulle @ Fika Cafe



Originally eaten on the streets of Sweden, this savoury cone is quite alike our own comfort food. It comes in somewhat part kebab, part mash and part hotdog. Wrapped in a bed of lettuce and mash, this interesting take on street food is topped with fried shallots and Swedish sauce called Bostongurka (a type of relish with pickled gherkins, red bell pepper and onion with spices such as mustard seeds).


2. Sirloin Steak

Fika Swedish Halal Sirloin Steak Singapore
Sirloin Steak at Fika Cafe


If you are dining at Fika, you seemly can't miss out on the meat dishes. We had steak cooked to medium rare perfection, with a hint of mint sauce. It comes with warm, golden brown potato salad on the side and served with a side of mixed leafy greens. To accompany the mouthwatering steak, you also get their signature sauce is for you to dip in.


3. Swedish Meatballs

Fika Cafe Halal Swedish Meatballs Singapore
Swedish Meatballs at Fika Cafe

Next up is a classic favourite from Fika. An authentic traditional recipe from the owner’s mum, who is legit Swedish, it simply isn't comparable to Ikea's meatballs at all! Drizzled with the same signature cream sauce, be sure to get your meatballs rolling happily in lingonberry sauce for the best combination of flavours. Usually, we'd end off here but then again, we really can't miss out on the sinful dessert this time. So, here we go!


4. Swedish Apple Crumble Pie

Fika Cafe Halal Swedish Apple Crumble Pie Singapore

Swedish Apple Crumble Pie @ Fika Cafe

Unlike your usual apple crumble, the Swedish version of this delightful dessert has a more delicate and soft crust. Added with the creamy vanilla sauce, Fika really does justice to this tasteful dessert.


5. Salted Caramel Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream

Fika Cafe Halal Salted Caramel Waffle vanilla ice cream Singapore

Salted Caramel Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream


For toffee lovers out there, this dish should be on your list for sure. Again a little altered from our normal waffles. Thinner than the fluffy waffles we'd normally have, this one is crunchy on the edges and soft in the middle. The salted caramel sauce complements the waffle with its balance of sweet and salty.

For more address and opening hours of Fika Cafe, click here!



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