Tell Me What’s Your Flava!

by Shamsydar Ani Jan 01, 2016

Flava location


Growing up along Aper East Side (Singapore’s version of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, duh), I have seen many cafes and restaurants sprout around the area. I spent my youth in the Siglap and Upper East Coast Road neighborhoods, frequenting the fast food joints and void decks with my books ands notes in tow. Pardon my palette as a youth – instant noodles and French fries were staples in the quest for good studying spots. But of course, returning to the area in recent years was for the sole purpose of good food and coffee.



Along the Aper East Side..


Flava Contemporary Bistro and Grill on East Coast Road now gives me an extra reason to relive my youth. Located conveniently across Siglap Centre and next to the ever-popular coffee joint on Jalan Jamal, the sense of nostalgia Flava Café exudes will always put a smile on my face not just for its location, but also for the food served. Signature dishes at Flava Café are inspired by Asian flavors and Western classics, making your Flava experience an exciting one.



Fried or Steamed Mantou with Chilli Crab @ Flava Cafe



Smoked Peking Duck Buns @ Flava Cafe


For starters, the Chilli Crab Soup Buns and Peking Duck Buns are great for the hawker-loving crowd. Though still very flavorful and rich, Flava Café managed to elevate these dishes to almost perfection by ensuring a consistent texture and spice level that can be enjoyed by all. The Chilli Crab has the perfect balance of chilli, egg and crab, such that you would be asking for more of the fried mantou to dip into. Meanwhile, the Peking Duck Buns is served with a side of slaw, making it a healthier choice for the conscious eater.



Squid Ink Pasta that's Reminiscent of Home-Cooked Meals


Apart from the local flavored appetizers, Flava Café serves up a mean choice of mains - from pastas to rice and burgers – you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Personally for me, I was torn between two classics. The Squid Ink Pasta and the Awesome Pastrami burger left my taste buds in a tongue fight. While many would shun Asian-fusion dishes like the Black Squid Ink Pasta, my life depends on such creations. I had a Ratatouille moment as I took my first bite into the pasta; it was just like eating my mother’s sotong hitam just that I was eating it with spaghetti and not rice. The pasta that was cooked al dente was in perfect harmony with the intense black squid ink sauce.



Awesome Pastrami Burger @ Flava Cafe


The Awesome Pastrami burger, however, is not for the faint hearted. Blue cheese, often labeled as the belachan of Western cuisine, has a rich and pungent taste yet creamy and tasty. The only way I can describe the taste of blue cheese is that it is so smelly, it tastes oh so good, which only means it goes well with the deep meaty taste of a burger patty. Together with the brioche burger bun, the blue cheese and beef patty creates a firework of flavors in your mouth.



Seafood Laksa Pesto  


As my food allergy to crustaceans in the likes of crabs, prawns and lobsters limits my choice of food, my colleagues Jums and Zie had fun digging into the Laksa Linguine with Grilled Prawns. I could only admire from far as they devoured the crispy grilled prawns and tangled their forks with the lusciously coated linguine. I did manage to steal a bite of the pasta on a whim, praying that my allergy would not lead me to the hospital. Thankfully, luck was on my side and I must say that the laksa linguine was worth the risk of my allergy - though I do not recommend for you to do the same.



Flava Lava Toast @ Flava Cafe


Our adventure to the Aper East Side was topped with the Signature Flava Lava Toast – kaya toasted coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried, then served with ice cream and a medley of berries. For those who prefer a traditional dessert choice, the deep-fried bananas is reminiscent of your favorite pisang goreng from the pasar malam. As much as I love Western desserts like crème brûlée and panna cotta, these desserts from Flava Café proves that Asian desserts go beyond your pengat durian and putri salad. Flava Café certainly stands out from the rest of the eateries around the East Coast Area, one for being halal-certified, and two for the range of dishes it serves. With its ambience that is great not just for a romantic night out, but also a big family gathering, Flava Café is worth your trip to the east, though we know that you Westies would do anything to travel for the food we have on this side of the island.


Flava Contemporory Bistro and Grill is located on Upper East Coast Road.
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