This Underrated Halal Restaurant in the CBD Serves 5 different Iftar Buffet Menu Over 5 Weekends this Ramadan.

by Nur Aziemah May 26, 2017

Blisshouse mussel n napolean  spicy sauce

When we hear "Town", "Clarke Quay" or CBD area, I don't really associate it with the existence of halal food. So imagine my surprise when I discovered Blisshouse Themed Restaurant located at The Central Mall that sits right on top of Clarke Quay MRT. The moment I set foot in this restaurant, with Zie and Shams, I was pleasantly surprised by the decor, and how well decorated the restaurant was. Wide Windows, check! Big Tables, check! Comfortable Seats, check! The first thing that came to my mind was: "Must come here dating with husband for long, long conversations." 


I wish I could show you the entire restaurant (yes, it's way bigger than the photos up here) but when we visited, there was a family hosting their marriage solemnisation in the cosy part of the restaurant. So I thought it wasn't so nice to take a photo of their intimate affair for my write up. This year Blisshouse is pulling out all their guns and are out to impress their iftar diners with five different buffet menus for the five weekends in Ramadhan! (Read on until the end, I'll tell you what goes on during the weekdays at Blisshouse! and how to enjoy 10% off the Ramadan Buffet!)  


Weekend 1: The Kampong Buffet (27th & 28th May 2017)

BLISSHOUSE HALAL ROTI JALALeading the pack of the Kampong Buffet is this Roti Jala with Chicken Curry. Just looking at this photo reminds me of the intensity of the curry flavour that we tasted that day. This one, plus stamp, plus chop, SEDAP! You'll enjoy the tenderness of the chicken together with the intensity of curry - it is the kind of curry you would want to bring your parents to try. The taste is both traditional and rich at the same time.


Weekend 2: The Mediterranean Menu (2nd & 3rd June 2017)

BLISSHOUSE SIZZLING PRAWN W FOCACCIA BREADLeading the Mediterranean Buffet line will be this very beautiful dish: Sizzling Prawn with Focaccia Bread. For this dish, just like one or two more that I'm about to share with you, it is not for the faint hearted. It is for the brave ones who want to try something new. This dish is spicy. Very spicy. And I LIKE IT (it was a little too spicy for Zie though). Expect fresh crunchy prawns to great you at every bite while the taste of raw spices and herbs fill your taste buds. While this dish is served with Focaccia bread, we thought that the light soup would taste better with a basket of lightly toasted french loaf - so that was exactly what we asked for, and the chef obliged! Yay!


Weekend 3: The Asian Weekend (9th - 11th June 2017)

BLISSHOUSE TAHU TELUR.jpgGotta admit, when I first saw this plate, I thought that it looked a little strange. Why is this Tahu Telur served so fresh? Our Asian favourite tahu telur is often mixed up with the sauce so well, we can hardly see any greens. True enough, when I bit into the dish, I was quite pleasantly surprised that Tahu Telur could taste so healthy. I kid you not! I started to wonder if this is how all Asian dishes were meant to be in the first place. Fresh cucumbers and Beans Sprouts with a thick rich peanut sauce. What I particularly like about this dish was the peanut sauce that was somehow plated separately from the black (kicap manis) sauce. It allowed me to control the amount of sauce I wanted to take with my veggies.  


Weekend 4: The Western Weekend (16th - 17th June 2017)

BLISSHOUSE MUSSEL N NAPOLEAN  SPICY SAUCEThis one is called Mussel and Napoleon Spicy Sauce. If you see this at the buffet table, remember to ask for a basket of bread! It's tangy, spicy with just a tinge of sweetness. The soup is so light - before you know it, the bowl is empty. Shams, our in-house food critique gave a thumbs up for this one! Blisshouse will conclude the Ramadhan Month on the 5th Weekend with an International Buffet Spread. We hear good stuff are going to be served on that day too, including Spiced Clam! But before I end this post, I'd like to tell you that at Blisshouse, you can...


Shell Out Every Single Weekday!!

I avoid Shell Out at all costs because of all the mess that is involved with shelling all the seafood while eating them. Suddenly, Blisshouse provides me with a BIIIIIGGGG bag of Seafood neatly packed like this:


Shell Out at Blisshouse

Shell Out at Blisshouse is served with one of six choices of flavours- Salted Egg, Black Pepper, Chilli, Napolean, Rempah Berempah and Lemak Cili Padi. The particular sauce we tried was called Tempat Berempah. It was intense, and definitely doesn't taste like your usual curry, because this curry sauce was made with laksa leaves instead of curry leaves. Be warned, this sauce is only for the adventurous souls that aren't afraid of new tastes and have quite a palate for spice. But alas, the shell out experience is not complete if it isn't done right with good company and a good apron, like Zie is showing you here:-


Step 1: Put it over your head




Step 2: Tie it around your back



Step 3: Pose for a photo



Step 4: Gloves.   




Step 5: Do it with a friend like Sham so you won't feel out of place. Tee hee.



Ok... what about prayer space?

And before, you ask, YES there is a prayer space provided so that you can take a break, exercise your tummy and continue eating. Then you can head off to Masjid Omar Kampung Melaka for terawih. That's just an eight minutes walk away, enough to burn off all the food you had here. Why are buffets good for iftars? Because you can have a bit of everything, and you don't have to wash up! Give your mum or wives or sisters a break will ya? Haha.


The price is so affordable!

Ramadhan Buffet is $29.90++ per person
Shellout $29.90++ per person
10% for FRIENDS CARD holders applicable

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