Try these two new halal gourmet sandwiches created by MasterChef Asia finalist Lennard Yeong for Kraftwich

by Halalfoodhunt Sep 29, 2017

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KRAFTWICH™ by Swissbake, continues to pave the way for dinner options with its all-new hot Indulgence Kraftwiches. Gone are the days where sandwiches are seen as as last-minute lunch takeaways; the Indulgence Kraftwiches aim to redefine casual dinner dates and TGIF nights while giving you a bang for your bite.

Introducing two variants of the Indulgence Kraftwiches – the roast beef Kraftwich with demiglace dip and the oven-baked chicken Kraftwich with Thai green curry dip – these Kraftwiches were specially created by MasterChef Asia Season 1 finalist Lennard Yeong, whose love for experimenting with adventurous flavours is unmistakable in this collaboration.


The roast beef Kraftwich with demi-glace dip: A gastronomic kaleidoscope

Roast beef Kraftwich with demi-glace dip, $15.90


One bite is all it takes to experience the explosion of flavours in this Indulgence Kraftwich. Containing a masterful combination of roast striploin, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese trio, mustard and caramelised onions, these delicious ingredients are tucked between the signature artisan Kraftwich™ multigrain bread slices. The roast beef Kraftwich packs a stronger punch when you dip it into beef jus, a new in-house blend unique only to this dish. Simmered with roasted vegetables for a sweeter flavour, the beef jus complements the roast striploin like two adjacent puzzle pieces, beefing up the dining experience by a notch.


Asian delight in the oven-baked chicken Kraftwich with Thai green curry dip

Oven-baked chicken Kraftwich with Thai green curry dip, $14.90

For those who prefer an Asian palate, they can rejoice in the oven-baked chicken Kraftwich with Thai green curry dip. Power-packed with super ingredients of the signature Kraftwich™ multi-grain bread, mixed vegetables and an oven-baked chicken thigh to satisfy your daily nutritional needs, this Indulgence Kraftwich also comes with a creamy, authentic Thai green curry accented by fragrant spices.


Collaboration with MasterChef Asia Season 1 finalist Lennard Yeong

Meet Lennard Yeong, the brain behind these passionate creations. Spurred by his keen fascination with food, he enjoys infusing strong flavours with delicate notes. For these Indulgence Kraftwiches, he said, “Sandwiches tend to associated with quick lunch takeaways, but with the Indulgence Kraftwiches, we hope that more Singaporeans will embrace pampering themselves with hot, comforting sandwiches.”

A wholesome gastronomic treat

To complete the sumptuous indulgence, each Indulgence Kraftwich will be served with pickled vegetables on the side. Diners can complete the meal with a soup and drink set at an additional $5. Find comfort in these nourishing fillings, guaranteed to leave you craving for more.

Indulgence at your doorstep

The Indulgence Kraftwiches will be exclusively available on UberEats from 25 September, and will subsequently be available on Food Panda, Deliveroo and Honest Bee starting 9 October 2017.

More exciting perks for you!

Currently, FRIENDS with cardholders can get 10% off at KRAFTWICH with the FRIENDS with card. Besides that, KRAFTWICH™ will be running a contest on their Facebook page (@kraftwichsg), where participants are invited to share their guilty pleasures of eating at KRAFTWICH™, and to hashtag #confessionsatKraftwich and #guiltypleasures.

10 lucky participants will stand to win a special Guilty Pleasures Indulgence Pack comprising:
- Product vouchers for the new Indulgence Kraftwiches
- An exclusive pint of KRAFTWICH™ x Udders ice-cream (halal-certified flavours)
- $10 UberEats credits
- $80 Amore Spa vouchers

The contest will run from 25 September to 9 October 2017.

Have a taste at the following KRAFTWICH™ locations, click here to refer to all branches' locations and opening hours. The Indulgence Kraftwiches will be available from 25 September to 31 December 2017.

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