You Don't Need Flowers for Your Wedding When Your Cakes Look Like This

by Nur Aziemah Nov 08, 2016

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One of the most commonly used type of icing or filling, buttercream is a robust and longer lasting frosting as compared to whipped cream. Since it's much more versatile than a ganache coating, you have more room to play around with it. So with its versatility and durability, I find it a lot easier to work with when it comes to decorating cakes because it doesn't melt in Singapore's merciless humidity and the coloring doesn't stain into the cream, like if you were to use whipped cream.
flowers arrangement - halalfoodhunt
There are plenty of different ways to decorate a cake however, one of the most prettiest and timeless cake decorations that's I find quite popular among bakers, will always be floral cake decorations. These frosted florals are a garden come to life right atop your very own creation and they give the viewer plenty to marvel at whilst hiding any of those tiny (or big), annoying flaws on your cake. A boon for any baker who has ever had a deco mishap!
Plus, there's plenty of ways that you can always use flower arrangements - from bouquet-shaped cakes, to flower baskets and even bridal flower bouquets. It fits every occasion you can think of and it looks gorgeous.
butter studio workshop - halalfoodhunt
It takes practice, practice, practice. - Image by Lucia Cake
Cake decorating is a process that requires a lot of time, patience and dedication. So, it should come as no surprise to any aspiring baker out there that it will definitely require you to invest in learning and tons and tons of practice.

Can you guess if these real flowers or not?


butter studio cake decorating workshop - halalfoodhunt

Gorgeously Piped Korean Buttercream Flowers - Image by Lucia Cake

Since we are learning from the cake decorating masters, we might as well keep up to trend. And if it's buttercream, then Korean Buttercream looks like the way to go! After all, have you seen those Korean Buttercream Flowers tutorials on YouTube and pictures on Pinterest yet?

If you want to learn how to do this, do so this December.

This December, Butter Studio, our favorite local community-centric brand is bringing in a certified Korean cake decorating master from Lucia Cake to their cosy space over at Jalan Besar. In collaboration with Butter Studio, Lucia Cake will be conducting festive workshops for everyone to come together and craft these elegant creations to celebrate the holiday season.
The instructor for these workshops, Lucia, has over half a decade's worth of experience tucked under her belt. She specializes in creating realistic, life-like looking flowers from her very own quality buttercream recipe. Lucia is also an English speaker so you can be guaranteed that you'll get quality training at these workshops.
What's great is that all are welcome! Anyone who loves to bake can come and learn. You don't need to have any prior baking or decorating experience for these two courses.

Here's What You Can Look Forward to!

1. Christmas Floral Buttercream One-Day Course (10 Dec)

butter studio workshop

Festive Decorations Workshop Perfect for the Holidays! - Image by Lucia Cake


Details of the Course
Date: 10th December 2016 Time: 10am to 6pm
Fees: $750 * Complimentary Lunch Included

It's going to be the first of its kind where the instructor Lucia will be covering both the festive log cake and cupcakes Buttercream decorations. This is perfect for the holidays, especially since you can personalize your own edible gifts to your families and friends or even share them for those office celebrations and friendly gatherings!
butter studio workshop- halalfoodhunt

Image by Lucia Cake

This workshop will cover a variety of festive flowers like Poinsetta, Roses, Cotton, Holly, Pine Nuts, Raspberries, tree branches. These flowers will make any item more elegant and eye-catching beyond just the festive season. So even if its for birthdays or weddings, it's going to make your cakes and cupcakes extra special.

What is provided?

  • The very important Lucia Buttercream Recipe
  • A Color Study - You get to learn how to mix and see a demo of how to color your buttercream!
  • A tutorial of how to make six types of flower decorations, complete with leaves, berries and buds
  • A tutorial of a chocolate decoration
  • A hands-on practical for one type of flower arrangement on a log cake, fit for the festive season
  • A hands-on practical for three types of flower arrangements on cupcakes

What do you bring back?

  • Bring back three of your very own customized piping nozzles
  • A set of flower scissors & Lucia flower holder by yours truly
*Korean buttercream recipe will be provided; complimentary lunch included

2. Basic Floral Buttercream 3-Days Course (11-13 Dec)

butter studio workshop - halalfoodhunt

Learn how to make floral arrangements for different types of cakes! - Image by Lucia Cakes

butter studio workshop - halalfoodhunt

Learn three types of floral arrangements to suit your cakes and cupcakes for any occasion! - Image by Lucia Cake


Details of the Course
Date: 11th, 12th & 13th December 2016
Time: 10am to 6pm Daily Fees: $1650
* Complimentary Lunch Included

What is provided?

  • The very important Lucia Buttercream Recipe, including a demo of how to make it
  • A tutorial of how to make 16 types of flower decorations, complete with leaves, berries and buds
  • A hands-on practical for three types of flower arrangement on different cake types
  • A hands-on practical for three types of cake icing methods
What do you bring back?
  • Bring back eight of your very own customized piping nozzles
  • A set of flower scissors & Lucia flower holder by yours truly
  • A certificate of completion for completing the course

Alright I want to make flower magic! How to register?

To sign up for the courses, reserve your seats by emailing in to or Use the code BUTTERHFH to get a $50 discount on the 1 Day Course and $100 discount for the 3 Day Course. The courses have a limited number of slots so that the instructor can give each participant her full attention. So if you want to guarantee your spot, make sure to register promptly. Registration closes on 3 December so remember to set your calendar notifications, bookmark, schedule, whatever works!

I'm going down for the one-day course and I'm super excited to meet you guys and have fun so see you there!

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