Recap: Pre-Ramadan Pop Up Samples Store

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In the first few months after I joined the team, we decided to carry out an event that we have never tried before. It came after much deliberation on how to best let our customers have a taste test of our bakers’ kuih collection and so, we finally settled on showcasing the kuih at a pop up store. Quirkily entitled Sugar by Halalfoodhunt,  this yummy collection line promised “the only Raya collection that counts” because never mind baju Raya (Raya clothing), kuih is quintessential to Eid.


Now, why a sample store?

You see usually during the Raya season, our homegrown, local bakers are hard at work churning out bakes specific to the festive season but bakes are scattered everywhere across the region. Even for my family, we commonly end up having to browse bazaars from Geylang to Johore (because you know, it’s only across the sea…) in this region’s merciless hot and humid weather. While this is part of the fun of preparing for Raya and since it only happens once a year, why not right? Well, not exactly. Even though there are probably some of us who have lots of fun scouring the island for the kings and queens of kuih, there are some others who don’t have the liberty of enjoying such leisurely shopping. From poor mothers “sludging” through the crowds with strollers or trying to carry their children, super busy working adults to those who have dependents to care for at home, this pop up store was our solution. You come, try out as many different types of kuih as you’d like and drop your pre orders for Raya with us. Easy peasy.


Nutella Fruit Cake by MOS Delights

So one sunny afternoon, BAM, a kuih ladened carousel popped up on Haji Lane. Going around the carousel, we had all sorts of bakes all waiting to be eaten; it ranged from every type of nutty chocolate chip cookies, five different versions of pineapple tarts to steamed fruitcake with nutella (wait…what??? Yes ladies and gentlemen, there was fruitcake with nutella…). Everyone who came was spoilt for choice – those who walked was supposed to go around it and out but we all know a circle has no end even if it isn’t really a circle. Many ended up going one round and then another and maybe, just one more trying to catalogue the bakes they wanted to get.

Even Adam, our favourite blogger had trouble figuring out what to pre order. I actually caught him standing in a corner considering his order chit seriously as if he was trying to figure out the right answer to a PSLE multiple choice question. Turns out, there were many bakes that he liked but well, choices had to be made. We even had a handful of serious mini tasters who came in and solemnly deliberated on their favourite choices. These tiny but super adorable food critics were really adamant on what they liked and didn’t like and got to snag home their favourites for pre orders.



Adam from The Halal Food Blog returning back to the time when he had to pick out the correct answer to an exam

All in all, it was gratifying to watch the young families who came to our store and to hear a burst of gratitude from another who had to take care of her mother at home and couldn’t go out shopping for Raya goods or watch friends have a discussion over which bakes they liked the most as they grabbed their bottles of Halooz on the way out and settled on their pre orders.

So, to all the busy bees out there…Come. Makan. Pre order. Pretty simple concept no? Should we run something like this again? Well, I’m not sure what will happen in the future but for this time, we are glad you had fun grabbing a munch or munches with us. Thank you for those who managed to drop by our little endeavour and we hoped it was as enjoyable for you as it had been for us.

On a side note, a quick shout out to our very helpful store elves that helped us out, thank you once again and it was a pleasure sneaking taste tests with you guys! As for everyone else who missed our store, we hope to catch you at our next event!


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