Spotlight: Chilli Crab Sandwich from Toasties! (Last Kopek! Available until 28th Feb only!)

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We love it when we receive invitations from makan places that let us eat the newest stuff on their menu before they even release it! For this festive season, Toasties dropped us an email to invite us to taste their Chilli Crab Sandwich, so WE SAID YESSSS!!! We got to taste this even before it hit the outlets, but as we are publishing this, of course its available!

None of the other girls could make it so here’s my happy face chowing down on the good stuff at toasties.


My happy face at Toasties

During the time I was at Toasties, I had the privilege of enjoying the smell of freshly baked bread. I appreciate so much how they bake their own bread, and put so much love and thought into owning their own distinctive taste and quality to the bread that they make.


Chilli Crab @ Toasties

To be honest, I was expecting something sort of like subway that I’ve eaten across the causeway, but… the bread at toasties was not. It was so soft, and tasted so natural – kinda like the bread that I made myself at home, once upon a time ago.


Chilli Crab Sandwich @ Toasties

The lovely owner of Toasties, Altwell, shared with us how the bread made at toasties do not contain any sort of preservatives, and are baked fresh every day – best of all, her bread do not contain any bread improvers. It almost sounded like music to my ears.


Chilli Crab Sandwich @ Toasties

And when I was done being mesmerised by the sheer quality of the bread, I took a bite into their limited edition, and only available during CNY (and i suppose the period after that), Chilli Crab Sandwich.


Chilli Crab Sandwich @ Toasties

I was pleasantly surprised to bite into real crab – the real crab meat guys, not the crab sticks. The texture reminded me of crab cakes, and the spice is just nice!


Chilli Crab Sandwich @ Toasties

Ok, I lie. The spice would be ok, and just nice for the commonfolk, but for spice enthusiasts like me, you would be better of adding their sambal dip as part of the sandwich dressing.

All in all, my first ever experience at toasties was fantastic, and they get 2 huge thumbs up from me! I just love the increase in halal and healthy options in our community, don’t you?!




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