Spotlight: Messy Joe @ I Am Legend

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Tender Chicken Leg with a Dish of Slurp-able BBQ Sauce

At I Am Legend, the dishes are all prepared with its own special take – from the basic fries which has a reminiscent Twisties-like coating to the liquid-rich barbecue sauce that customers like to slurp.

Salted Egg Prawn Pasta @ I Am Legend, Big Box

Unrolling out our list of super faves, we start off with the salted egg prawn pasta. For all you salted egg lovers, this pasta is definitely a winner with its creamy salty egg sauce base and juicy prawns. It doesn’t hurt to have a liberal mix of curry leaves and chilli to spice it up a bit too!

Messy Joe @ I Am Legend, Big Box

My ultimate favourite is of course the Messy Joe burger. The stack is so huge, it’s almost like your own mini leaning tower of Pisa. In between two grilled patties, you get alternating layers of beef patty, mozzarella sticks and onion rings, all drizzled in a good dose of cheddar cheese and chilli concarne. Sinfully yummy! It’s great for sharing and it will really fill your belly. We give this huge stacked burger two thumbs up!

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