Spotlight: Mixed Roll @ EPIKebabs

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One great thing about EpiKebabs is the fuss free order system that makes it faster for you to eat the kebab before you can say ‘I am hungry’. My personal favourite at this healthy fast food takeaway shop is the mixed chicken and beef roll, filled with fresh veggies and topped nicely with chilli and mayonnaise sauces. Why pick one when you can have the best of both worlds!


Choosing your EPIC kebab – Chicken, Beef or Both?

The rice kebab set is a better choice for those who are looking for something more filling and satisfying. Steamed to perfection with a dash of spices, the buttery rice makes your meal here even more epic.


EPIKebabs Rice Platters with Meat

EPIKebabs are great for when I’m just done with the gym and I need to grab a quick healthy bite on the way to the office, or when I’m rushing in between appointments but I still would like a decent meal.

Sometimes I find difficulty in gobbling up the whole kebab roll in the most decent manner, but then I say, good food is really meant to be enjoyed. The best part about it is the great cook on the meat makes their kebab filling and scrumptious, and allows you to skip the sauces altogether if you’re feeling extra healthy!

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