Spotlight: Nasi Ambeng @ My Spice Affair

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Traditionally made, there have been many versions of Nasi Ambeng that have emerged along the way, from locally crafted trays to high-end deconstructed plates of rice and side dishes.

Putting their own take on this classic dish, My Spice Affair presents a taste of nostalgia with a fashionable and tasteful twist. Already setting itself apart, their Jumbo Nasi Ambeng is artfully presented on a triangular platter.

myspiceaffair-6Jumbo Nasi Ambeng @ My Spice Affair

Compact around a mound of rice, the taste of the side dishes carry the authenticity of its creator, Madam Salmah, whose pastes are used in the cooking of the side dishes.

From the delightful crunch of salted fish, the sambal belado, rich, tender hunks of beef rendang to the chicken lemak chilli padi, each side dish was created to make an impact. You get salty, sweet, spicy which blends into a harmony of flavours defining Nasi Ambeng.


Lontong with Side Dishes @ My Spice Affair

Another option to rice, you can also have the sides served with slices of lontong for a lighter fare. With the lontong, you still get to savor the explosion of flavours from a Nasi Ambeng platter and yet, at a more sizeable portion for yourself.

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