Spotlight: Nasi Lemak Risotto @ Hyde & Co.

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Stepping into Hyde & Co, its almost as if you are being transported to a British cafe based in London. Artfully arranged minimalist furniture with walls adorned with quirky quotes, the cafe exudes class even while retaining a sense of warmth and comfort.

Taking its cue from the novella that inspired its namesake, the cafe stays true to the Jekyll and Hyde concept in its seamless, dual personality – from the transition from East to West in its facade and the dual complements featured in its menus.


Assorted Iced Teas @ Hyde & Co.

A tribute to the arts and theatre, Hyde & Co takes on a whimsical array of teas inspired from famous literary works and musicals. A favourite of mine is the refreshing “Into the Woods”, an iced moroccan apple tea that is tart and light. An excellent balance to any meal.

If you fancy an elegant beverage, try out “My Fair Lady”, an iced earl grey with delicate sunflower blossoms and rose petals or even “Alice in Wonderland”. Both brews have a floral, fragrant and sweet taste. Hyde & Co offers its teas in cold and hot versions so you can appreciate their range of exquisitely blended teas, however you like.


Fried Chicken Waffle @ Hyde & Co.

As for the meals, an interesting fusion dish to have is the fried chicken waffle. Covered in prawn paste, the Asian style fried chicken is accompanied by fluffy Belgium waffles and honey dijon syrup. Of course, it’s not complete without a sunny side up and golden fries to top it off.


Chili Crab Pasta @ Hyde & Co.

For seafood lovers, Hyde & Co will not disappoint with their signature Chili Crab Pasta. Available for brunch and dinner, the pasta contains three types of chili and generous chunks of genuine crab meat that will leave you with a taste of the ocean.


Nasi Lemak Risotto @ Hyde & Co.

Another true fusion of Eastern and Western flavours that we were completely in love with was the Nasi Lemak Risotto. Featured on Hyde&Co’s dinner menu, the risotto is cooked in mouthwatering rich, coconut cream. What makes it extra special is that it is topped with authentic homemade sambal – an original recipe adapted from the chef’s mother herself! It is finished with juicy, fat prawns and crisp anchovies, keeping close to its roots. Definitely hats off to the chef for this original and novel creation!


Ondeh Ondeh French Toast @ Hyde & Co.

To top it off, we just had to make room for dessert. Although there have been many different versions of ondeh ondeh type desserts from cupcakes to cakes and ice cream, the Ondeh Ondeh French Toast has made quite its mark with its innovative take of this traditional dessert.

Not quite what we expected, the pandan flavours were infused into the grated coconut instead of the common option of using pandan kaya on toast. Add the milky decadence of vanilla bean ice cream and a sprinkle of chocolate chips, it was decidedly a pleasure to indulge in.

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