Spotlight: Pavlova @ ButterScotch

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ButterScotch Cafe

An upscale cafe in Bukit Merah, a trip to Butterscotch has to, HAS TO include dessert. But, wait up just a minute! Before I dig into my favourite part of the meal, I’m just gonna quickly gloss through my meal just for starters.


Ramadhan @ ButterScotch Cafe

When we arrived for this visit, we came during Ramadan and much to my surprise, they had actually set up a mini kueh table outside the shop. Very much like the Malay stalls you’d find along Arab St or Geylang. I really didn’t expect to see karipap and putri salat on display outside. Butterscotch may look quite contemporary and new age but it keeps to its roots with hints of old age tradition threaded into its business.


Ramli Meets Wendy Burger

How else can you explain a Ramli meets Wendy burger? Yes. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Butterscotch’s own tale of Romeo and Juliet.

In this story of our local favourite man and his Western sweetheart, we get burger Ramli in all his egg wrapped beef patty glory with a dose of thick, mushroom sauce, tartar and veg. The meat is slightly chunky but the mushroom sauce adds great flavour to this humble burger.



Now my real meal starts where the pavlova appears. This gorgeous dessert (which I savoured all by myself by the way) has crucnhy layers of meringue that give way and melts in your mouth as you bite into it. With lightly sweetened cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries, I can’t say I regret a single bite. Absolute highlight of my trip for sure!

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