Spotlight: Naan with Paneer Butter Masala @ Srisun Express

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We didn’t go all too crazy with the menu at Srisun (you have to understand, there’s literally almost everything at Srisun, the menu is simply massive) but I have to say, we were pretty happy with the food we did manage to try out.


A Feast @ Srisun Express

Beginning with the main meals, we had a serving of hot, yummy chicken murtabak.  It was chewy just the way I like my prata and it was generously filled with chicken chunks. Total plus point there!

Anyone who knows me will know that I have quite the soft spot for for naan so when we were served naan, I was excited. The naan is soft and fluffy even when its already cool and the accompanying paneer butter masala was rich and buttery. Perfectly spiced to balance the sweet, spicy thick sauce and complete with chewy blocks of paneer. Really, really good.

For your accompanying beverages, we recommend that you try out the green apple juice. It’s quite tart and refreshing but the most pleasant surprise is the hint of apple yakult that makes it unique. Otherwise if you want to pamper yourself even more, the caramel milkshake is good to go too. You get a milky ice cream blended goodness with caramel drip that is simply sinful and decadent. Yum!

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