Spotlight: Red Velvet Cupcakes from Little Indulgence!

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You know, on a daily basis, we sort out food. Take pictures of food. Post about food. We even go hunting for food! Sometimes, we travel for miles and miles just to find THE special one that we want to feature on our site and social channels.

So we love it when bakers decide to give us a call or drop us a text to send bakes our way! There was one fine Saturday when we got a little surprise text from @littleindulgencesg saying that they’ve already put their cupcakes on wheels and it was on its merry way to meet me! Perfect!

Little Indulgence-1
Red Velvet Cupcakes from @littleindulgencesg

Aww…who doesn’t love heart shapes and hand written notes? Hehe.  Here’s a close-up of the red velvet cupcakes with its very inviting, creamy frosting.

Little Indulgence-3
Red Velvet Cupcakes from @littleindulgencesg

Ok, enough how pretty everything was… so here’s the verdict:

It was a really, reaaaally good thing that I brought the cupcakes to the office so that everyone could get a bite of it – because different people have different tastebuds and so we can get a rough feel of who would absolutely LOVE these cupcakes.

The texture of the cake itself was perfect, and I, personally, absolutely love the frosting simply because it wasn’t too sweet so I didn’t feel guilty digging into them. But it was not surprise that I didn’t quite fancy the tad bid stronger chocolate flavour as compared to a regular red velvet because I am not a chocolate fan (haha!).

So to be fair, I handed the baton over to our chocolate and coffee -lover as well as resident food critique Shamsydar Ani. One bite in and… she loved it!

Little Indulgence-4
Red Velvet Cupcakes from @littleindulgencesg

Yep! Yep! For those chocolate lovers out there, thumbs up here from our own in-house certified chocolate lover so you know what to do *grin*.

If you have a sweet spot for chocolate, this is definitely THE cupcake for you, and they are within reach via IG @littleindulgencesg. Limited orders, from what I hear so better snatch up yours first eh! 😉

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