When Malay Meets Irish!

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I’ve always been intrigued by Asian fusion cuisines, especially if it’s Malay flavours infused into Western dishes. Since I started watching Masterchef a few years ago, I’ve come across plenty of fusion dishes such as rendang beef wellington by a renowned Malaysian chef at his London restaurant, as well as a lemak chilli crab pasta at one of my favourite KL restaurants, ACME Bar & Coffee.

So when Gourmet by CTR approached halalfoodhunt.com telling us of her ayam lemak chilli padi and rendang Shepherd’s Pies, I got very excited. I had not yet found good halal Asian fusion food in Singapore, so naturally, CTR’s Shepherd’s Pie flavours were luring me into the depths of foodgasms.

Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi Shepherd’s Pie by Gourmet by CTR

The mashed potato base CTR uses is light, fluffy and creamy. As you dig in deeper into the filled centre, the chicken lemak chilli padi will almost instantaneously melt in your mouth. The beautiful aroma of turmeric and bird’s eyes chilli will tingle your tastebuds. The rendang pie, on the other hand, is even more flavourful and the beef pulls apart so very easily. The spice and heat in the fillings complements the creamy potato base very well. Needless to say, Gourmet by CTR’s Shepherd’s Pies will surely excite your palette.

Rendang Shepherd’s Pie by Gourmet by CTR

Head over to our Gourmet by CTR to order her delicious local flavoured Shepherd’s Pie or head down to our bake sale tomorrow to get your hands on some of these amazing pies! Alternatively, you can text in to 9626 5757 with <YOUR NAME><ORDER><SELF-COLLECTION/DELIVERY> and you’ll get your hands on these babies tomorrow during our bake sale!


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