10 food worth the long queues at TAQWA-Celebfest this weekend

Skip the wondering and save time with this guide on which food stall is worth the wait.

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Which event has about a hundred celebrities packed at Suntec City Convention Centre, but it’s not an award show event? It can only be CelebFest. Officially named TAQWA-Celebfest this year, this signature landmark event is happening from Friday, 18 June till Sunday, 20 June at Suntec City Convention Centre Hall 401 and 402.


Meet famous celebrities under one roof

With more than 150 famous celebrities like legendary Ziana Zain and Aishah, current pop sensation Khai Bahar and Sufie Rashid, and homegrown celebrities who’ve made their names in Malaysia like Chef Siti Masturah and daughter Chef Sarah Ariffin; Dato Aaron Aziz and wife Diyana Halik, you can be sure this weekend event is going to be a jam packed one full of fans as they seek the products that these celebrities are selling. From shawls to baju kurung, from bags to shoes, this is the chance for you go snap up those products you’ve been dying to try as you scroll through your favourite celeb’s Instagram feed.

Celebfest _ Crowds
Just look at the mad crowd waiting to see their favourite celebrity in last year’s Celebfest Ramadan edition!

Besides all the shopping for Hari Raya essentials like baju kurung, celebrity products , here’s a recommendation of what is worth queuing up for at this famous event. Even if you have to be there for your friend and you’re not a celebrity struck person yourself, the food is worth it with 35 equally famous and celebrated food brands in Singapore.

No matter how long the queue, we suggest going with a group of friends and then, strategically splitting up to get yourself what’s on this list.


1. Crispy Chicken Rendang. from Hyde & Co

FRIENDS Pass Reward: $1 OFF for every combo ordered for FRIENDS!

Crispy Chicken Rendang - CelebFest

Yes, finally there is someone who has risen up to the occasion to make a viral meme a reality. Fried to crisp perfection before coated in a mean Rendang sauce from Chef Nazlie family’s traditional Javanese recipe, Hyde & Co.’s Crispy Chicken Rendang is served on a bed of Ketupat topped with Emping Belinjo. 

“Creating this dish brings back nostalgic memories for me as Rendang is a must-have Hari Raya dish in my family,” said Chef Nazlie, Head Chef of Hyde & Co. “Being able to give the dish a twist and achieve Masterchef’s judge Gregg Wallace idea of a Crispy Chicken Rendang was a challenging but fun experience.”


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Will you be one of the first to try it out this Ramadan? Find them at Booth J2.



2. Chilli Crab Pasta from Hyde & Co

FRIENDS Pass Reward: $1 OFF for every combo ordered for FRIENDS!

Theirs is one of the best halal Chilli Crab Pasta in Singapore. Hyde & Co is so generous with their fresh crab and chilli sauce that you won’t want to break the shell of any crab any more after eating this. You’ll just wait for Hyde & Co to serve this dish at the pop-up booths all over their island. Their pasta is also the perfect al dente that will not break under all that heavy chilli and crab.

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Like they say, it’s legit. Find them at Booth J2.



3. Fries from Katoshka

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: Katosha offers 50 cents discount off fries for FRIENDS!


No matter how long the wait. It is so worth it to get Katoshka fries. To make your long wait worth it, get one of each flavour of the day that they have.

Find them at Booth K5.


4. Giant corn drink at Air Jagung Ketagih

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: 10% off for Air Jagung Ketagih Ultimate

Air Jagung Ketagih at Celebfest

This is just one of the creamiest drinks you’ll find at any bazaar or event. I never really thought I’d like this drink but when I had one to share with a friend, I was in love. The corn drink is not too sweet, and there’s cream corn AND real corn bits in it. What’s not to love.

Specially for Celebfest they have gone into the direction of cheesy toppings. We can’t wait to try their cheese cloud and white pearls!

Find them at booth I6. They are sharing a booth with Al-Faruq Food.


5. Hot dogs and Nachos from Encik Rizal & Co

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: Encik Rizal & Co offers 10% off for FRIENDS!

Do not look down on this underdog. His hotdogs are messy and his nachos are groovily generous with toppings. Their Cheezy E has a generous serving of nacho cheese, minced meat and tomatoes. Besides that, they also provide different options at every event. This time, they even have a vegan Tempeh Tertipu option! By the way, they sell out really really fast so don’t hesitate!


6. Takoyakis from Yummy Takoyaki

FRIENDS Pass: Yummy Takoyaki offers 10% discount off the bill for FRIENDS!



Choose from squid, hot dog, prawn and surprise fillings from Yummy Takoyaki.

Yes, event after event you’ll find that they have long queues but if you don’t live anywhere near their physical shop which is at East Village, you will want to queue. They are very generous with their fillings, sauces and benito flakes. Plus, each tako is huge!

Since you have to take so long to buy, might as well order a lot!

Find them at booth G2.



7. Mac & Cheese from Kaw Kaw SG

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: KAW KAW Sg offers $1 off Mac n Cheese for FRIENDS! FRIENDS are also entitled to the triple combo at $15 consisting of 1 MacNCheese, 1 Tako Rings, 1 Ayam Percik burger).
This mac and cheese sells out fast too and is a hot favourite at their restaurant. The mac is satisfyingly creamy but not cloyingly so. The beef bacon is just so generous and there is a slightly spicy tangy taste in the cream. Lovely.


8. Salted Egg Yolk Croissant from Flavour Flings

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: Flavour Flings offers 10% discounts off total bill for FRIENDS!

Photo from: The Halal Food Blog

If you think of Salted Egg Yolk filled croissant, you think of Flavour Flings. Unfortunately for some of you, they are located at a neighbourhood in Hougang where only the ones willing to head to North East will be able to enjoy this cafe loved by its residents.

Come meet Flavour Flings and their famous croissant finally at a more central place at Flavour Flings!!!



9. Macaron & Ice Cream Sandwich from Macarons.Sg

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: Free 1 piece of macaron with any regular box set purchase.


Macarons and Cream from Macarons.SG

Colourful sweet treats are what you need after breaking fast, doing your prayers, shopping and eating some more. Be sure to get these yummy sweet treats!!! Find them at booth K2.


10. Choco Cheese Banana from Obraim Lite

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: O’Braim Lite offers $1 off with every $10 spent for FRIENDS!

The perfect marriage of ingredients – chocolate, batter-fried banana, and cheese. Get this while it’s hot after you break your fast.

There’s more than enough food for you to try out the whole weekend! For us, we can’t wait to try the Crispy Chicken Rendang. Will it live up to your imagination?


All food stalls in this article have been verified halal by halalfoodhunt.com

Event details

Date: 18 to 20 May
Venue: Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Halls 401 and 402
Time: 10am to 10pm
Nearest MRT Station: Esplanade, (CC3), Promenade (CC4/DT15)

The FRIENDS Pass gets you discounts at over 170 halal eateries in Singapore. Learn more about the FRIENDS Pass here.

This article was brought to you by Hyde & Co.

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