What we look forward to for this year’s National Day 2017!

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Halal Food Hunt has been selected as one of the influencers to cover National Day Parade. Stay with us as we release more information to you in the lead up to August!

On Wednesday, 17 May 2017, we attended the National Day Parade’s Media Event held at The Float @ Marina Bay. The NDP team announced the theme, logo, concept, as well as the launch of the theme Song for this year’s National Day Celebrations. In addition, the lyricist and singer for NDP 2017’s Theme Song put up a performance with his classical piano during the event.


1. The theme this year is “#OneNationTogether”

Every August, we are reminded to stand with all Singaporeans, coming together to overcome all odds regardless of origin, race, and background to build a brighter future together.

2. The hash symbol makes an appearance in the logo and theme.

For the first time, the hash symbol (#) is incorporated in the theme to bring across the message of home and unity. Did you know that Singapore is the only country in the world to use this hash and hypen system for the numbering of our HDB units? The hash symbol (#) is incorporated in the Theme to bring across the message of home and unity.

The logo is also inspired by this Orchid series $10 note launched in 1967!


National Day Parade Article

3. Singapore is 52, but National Service just turned 50!

There will be a special NS50 tribute during the Parade & Ceremony segment. We hear there will be another special feature this year to celebrate fifty years of Singaporean sons’ commitment and sacrifice.


4. Experience LIVE 360o video streaming

There will be plenty of ways to experience the parade or previews live, we’ll let you know about that as soon as we confirm details, but if you can’t get ANY tickets at all, no worries, there will be a live 360o video streaming on YouTube! This year’s parade will be at the floating parade too!

If you want to win an ACTUAL day ticket, here is the post to look at peeps!

5. The theme song reminds you to be thankful

When I heard the theme song, I felt shivers on my skin. It was heartfelt, and reminded a bit like the theme song of a Korean drama.

The song is titled “Because it’s Singapore” and explores what it means to be Singaporeans living together in our island home through the lyrics and music video. The music video is not out yet but we have this piano performance by the composer of the song, Jay Lim. The theme song is jointly produced by Jay Lim (singer and lyricist of the theme song) and Lee Wei Song (composer of the theme song).

Because It’s Singapore

Step by Step
Together we’ll build our dreams

Heart to heart
Together we’ll stay as one nation, undivided

Back to back
Together we’ll brave the heat, the cold, the storms

Hand in hand
Together we’ll grow this land that we call home

Nothing in this world compares
It’s our Singaporean Life
Everyone is family, friend and neighbour
Living in harmony

Nothing in this world compares
To this island where it’s home
Where we love and know we’ll never be alone
Because it’s Singapore (Just Believe)

This is Singapore (We Can Be)
Our Singapore (The world will see)
We are Singapore

6. Oh and yes the venue will be at The Floating Platform this year!

Stay tuned for more information on the parade this year!

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