18 National Day dishes that will strike patriotic feelings in the most Bo Chap Singaporean

The list of National Day menu specials you need this 9th August.

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Ok, not everyone’s into the National Day Parade. Some of us prefer lazing around at home or just spending the bonus off day like any other weekend. What if you’re patriotic but can’t stand the crowd? How about showing some support for Singapore participating in the Singapore past time favourite, eating! Here are some ways you can participate…

1. Eat a cake from Butter Studio to show your patriotic love

Having a party at your place with your family to watch the National Day Parade broadcast on the television? Fill up your guests’ energy bar for a patriotic celebration by serving them a National Day Cake. Too big? Butter Studio has got you covered with their National Day Cakelets and cupcakes from Butter Studio

Promotion period: 25 July – 12 Aug 2018

National Day Cake

National Day Cake - 2018 - Butter Studio
National Day Cake - 2018 - Butter Studio

More info about the cake

Flavour: Red Velvet Gula Melaka
Layers of delicious red velvet cake with Gula Melaka-infused cream cheese frosting, decorated in our patriotic National Day colours. Perfect to celebrate with family and friends on our Nation’s 53rd Birthday!
Cake size: approx 6inch
Retail Price: $58

SG53 National Day Cakelet

National Day Cakelet - 2018 - Butter Studio
National Day Cakelet - 2018 - Butter Studio

More info about the cakelet

Cake flavour: Chocolate Hazelnut Praline
Layers of delicious chocolate cake filled with Valrhona Praline frosting and decorated with a handwritten SG53 chocolate plaque. Perfect for that individual serving or cosy intimate gatherings!
Cake size: approx 3inch
Retail Price: $22.90

“I Love SG” Cupcake Box

I Love SG - National Day Cupcakes 2018 - Butter Studio

I Love SG - National Day Cupcakes 2018 - Butter Studio

More info about the cake

Cupcake flavor: Red Velvet Raspberry
Handcrafted red velvet cupcakes filled with delicious raspberry jam, topped with gorgeous dual swirl frosting in our nation’s colours, decorated with freeze dried raspberry crisps and National Day toppers!

Retail Price: $35/ dozen

Butter Studio

Halal Status: Halal-certified
Area: Islandwide, for most updates address and opening hours, click here.
FRIENDS Pass Rewards:
Butter Studio offers 10% off for whole cakes only. Not valid for pre-orders and other promotions, 
subject to availability for FRIENDS! (Tampines & Jalan Besar only)

2 – 5. Go crazy at buffets where local food are the stars

Get ready because we’ve got a few buffet spreads for you to try with your international friends!

These three restaurants will be running a National Day promotion for the whole month of August!- SaltwaterKatong KitchenStraits Cafe

Promotion period: 1 Aug – 31 Aug 2018

Get $53 off for every 4 paying adults!

*Monday to Friday Lunch buffet only
*Valid for dine-in lunch buffet only, not applicable for ala carte menu
*Not valid with other privileges, promotions, vouchers, discount cards and loyalty cards

Katong Kitchen Buffet includes Ayam Buah Keluak, Black Pepper Crayfish and Durian Pengat Shooters.

Katong Kitchen_Ayam Buah Keluak Katong Kitchen_Blackpepper Crayfish Katong Kitchen_Durian Pengat Shooters

 You can look forward to these Peranakan dishes at Straits Cafe!

Straits Cafe Buffet

How about local delights at Saltwater cafe?

Saltwater_Spread Day Scene

Visit Blue Jasmine‘s delightful 3-day-only halal culinary feast.

Promotion period: 9 Aug – 11 Aug 2018 from 6.30pm to 10pm

Blue Jasmine will be featuring dishes Singaporeans hold close to their hearts without forgetting the restaurant’s signature classic Thai dishes. Relish in local favourites like Singapore Chilli Crab Meat with Golden Mantou and Traditional Nasi Lemak or Thai classics such as Green Mango Salad and Holy Basil Beef with Snack Beans and Garlic.

As a nod to this being our 53rd National Day, the halal buffet is priced at $53 nett. Children aged 6 to 12 years old will get to enjoy half the price at $26.50 nett, while children aged 5 years and below dines for free.

Blue Jasmine Traditional Nasi Lemak
Try out ‘atas’ nasi lemak just for fun!

6. Appreciate our national dish with Yassin Kampung

Chili crab may be our national dish but we only eat it when an occasion calls for it. This year for National Day, tuck into Chili Crab and enjoy wonderful discounts while you’re at it!

Price: 2 Chili Crab Dishes for $53 ( U.P. $38 per dish or $76 for dishes) for a limited time only.

Chili Crab - Yassin Kampung - National Day Singapore
Eat chili crab with bread by the side!

To find out more on what Yassin Kampung has to offer, check out this video of us eating there!

7. Try out Fusion Desserts at Krispy Kreme

Promotion Period: Starts from 1 Aug 2018 onwards

Brace yourselves for Chili doughnuts this National Day, Singaporeans! The National Day menu this year might be the craziest you’ve ever seen!

There are 2 new flavours available – Caramel Chili & White Chocolate Chili

8. Go back to basics with SJ’s Yummy Treats

If you’re feeling nostalgic and would like some traditional delights, check out this kakak baker who can whip up treats that can walk you down memory lane! A definitely must-have for a national day menu.

Order yourself a simple ondeh-ondeh!

Ondeh Ondeh - SJ's Yummy Treats

Or a kuih koci…

Kueh Koci - SJ's Yummy Treats

How about something more savoury like kuih bakar berlauk?
Kueh Berlauk - SJ's Yummy Treats

Click here for more information to order.
SJ's Yummy Treats

Halal Status: Muslim-owned
FRIENDS Pass Rewards:  SJ's Yummy Treats offers 10% discounts off total bill. 
Valid for minimum purchase of $16.

9. Take a chocolatey bite out of AJ Delights

Promotion period: 1-day Special Promo on National Day 

Muffins galore! For every purchase of $10 and above you make at AJ delights, get the ever-popular Double chocolate muffin at only $1!

AJ Delights 

Halal Status: Halal Certified
FRIENDS Pass Rewards: AJ Delights offers the Exclusive deal. Get one muffin free with purchase of a dozen 
muffins for FRIENDS!

10. Have a hearty feast with Eatzi Gourmet‘s National Day themed menu

If there’s one restaurant that knows how to ‘go big’ this National Day, it’s Eatzi Gourmet with their completely new menu following the theme of fusion foods and traditionally western desserts with an asian twist.

If you’re the ‘atas’ type, you can try their Lobster with Chilli Crab Sauce or even their N.Z Tenderloin Sambal Steak!

Eatzi Gourmet 

Halal Status: Halal Certified
FRIENDS Pass Rewards: Eatzi Gourmet Bistro Offers 10% discounts off total bill. Valid for Dine- in only. 
Reservation is required. Not valid for takeaway orders. Not valid on eve of / and on   Public Holidays 
and special occasions. Not valid with other promotions, vouchers, card offers,  JP Pepperdine members
benefits and Diners.

11.  Throw a patriotic tea party with Sweetest Moments

Promotion period: Now till 9 Aug 2018, 11.59pm 

If it’s home truly, then get yourselves Sweetest Moments’ ‘I Love Singapore’ Cupcakes to bite into as a little tea party treat with the family!

Or if you’re planning a larger get-together for the National Day weekend, impress your loved ones with their Tea Party sets!

More info about the Tea Party Set

AC08 Modern Treats 5: Includes 15 pastel cubes and 15 peachy tarts
AC09 Modern Treats 6: Includes 15 Swiss rolls and 15 brownies

Retail Price: $33.40/box

Click here for more information to order.

Sweetest Moments

Halal Status: Unverified
FRIENDS Pass Rewards:  Sweetest Moments offers 10% off Cakes, Cupcakes & Tea Party Sets with  
minimum order of $100 before GST for FRIENDS!

12. Strike a healthy balance with AMGD

If all those sugary treats have got you feeling guilty, don’t worry! Grab a healthy meal from AMGD’s new menu celebrating National Day called ‘It’s Local’, which features a generous amount of fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients into their dishes otherwise known for being more generous with the calories.

Craving for a more exotic meal? Try out their new dishes under the ‘It’s Just In’ menu, which features Japanese themes mixed in with local fare including homestyle rendang beef and chicken floss.

Just use their special National Day promo code: NDPAMGD to fully enjoy promotional perks!

13. Crabtacular special at T-Bob’s Corner

Promotion period: 9 Aug – 12 Aug 2018

Back with a seafood special for the nation’s birthday, T-Bob’s Corner is introducing the Alaskan King Crab on their menu!

More info about the King Crab Jambalaya

450g of Alaskan King Crab legs is served with Jambalaya, a rice dish from New Orleans. Jambalaya usually consists of sausage and shrimps, but at T-Bob, they’re pulling all the stops with using King Crab instead!

Price: $53

We know it’s your ‘malas’ holiday, but make sure to reserve seats for T-Bob as the King Crab comes in limited numbers!

T-Bob's Corner

Halal Status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Pass Rewards: T Bob's Corner offers 10% discounts off total bill. Not valid with other promotions, 
discounts, or vouchers. Present card upon ordering.

14. ‘Meat’ your match at Al-Saeed

Known for their exquisite cuisine ranging widely from Middle-Eastern food to Western fare, Al-Saeed now has a National Day Promo offering patrons their special Indian platter which includes:

-6 plain Naan
-Beef Keema
-Masala Kitchen
-A jug of drink for 4 pax

Price: $10

For those wanting a smaller serving of meaty deliciousness, go ahead and try their Classic Burger, which includes a beef patty with sunny-side-up and homemade sauce served with fries.

Price: $3 (U.P. $13.80)

Al-Saeed Bistro

Halal Status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Pass Rewards:  Al Saeed Bistro offers 10% off for FRIENDS! Valid on weekdays only.

15. Dip into a spicy surprise at Old Chang Kee

You’re not a true Singaporean if you can’t handle a little heat! Grab a cup of Chicken Chunky Pops with Curry Sauce dipping sauce at any of Old Chang Kee’s outlets islandwide.

Hurry and get yours as they’re available while stocks last!

16.  Munch on sweet treats from Vainpout

Majulah kueh sedap! Delicious treats will always reign supreme when you’re just chilling at home with no plans of leaving, so why not order from Vainpot this National Day? All minimum orders of $53 will receive a further $5.30 discount!


Halal Status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Pass Rewards:  Vainpout offers 10% off for FRIENDS Card holders with a minimum purchase of $50. 
Free Delivery for purchases above $50.

17. Go on an SG-Korea immersion programme with Jinjja Chicken

What could you possibly get when you mix Korea’s and Singapore’s favourite dishes together? Presenting the Nasi Lemak Kimbap.

As ambitious and as out-of-this-world it may sound, it’ll be a loss if you don’t try some for yourself! Add it to your bucket list this National Day.

Jinjja Chicken

Halal Status: Halal Certified
FRIENDS Pass Rewards:  Jinjja Chicken (Bugis) offers free 6pc Chicken wings with every 18 pieces ordered. 
One redemption per card per visit. Not Valid on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and Eve of 
Public Holidays.

18.  Celebrate National Day with your Batter Halves

Promotion period: 6 Aug – 12 Aug 2018

Last but not least, we have Batter Halves celebrating the holiday by delivering their cakebites and brownies COMPLETELY FREE! This means that you don’t have to worry about paying extra to avoid the National Day crowd, which is a huge bonus for homebodies.

You’re spoiled for choice with a wide selection of specialty brownies, cookies (namely their Crunchpop cookies, yum!) and Nutella Tarts.

Batter Halves

Halal Status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Pass Rewards:  Batterhalves offers 10% off with a minimum of $40 purchase, and free delivery for 
every PartyPack ordered!

Any other suggestions on where to spend time with the national dishes patriotically? Let us know!

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