11 Insanely Cute Muslim babies on Instagram to Follow and Watch Them Eat

The halal foodie life starts from young...

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Most people love babies. More and more babyjournals on Instagram are getting thousands, if not, millions of followers. But you know what’s better than a baby? A BABY THAT EATS GOOD FOOD. We’ve found some accounts that has gotten us salivating all over the place, like a baby. Here’s the countdown of the 10 foodie-licious babies on Instagram!


11. @kisah.ali – Muhammad Luth Ali

Muhammad Luth Ali, or affectionately known as Ali, is the son to a famous Malaysian couple. His dad is an actor ,Saharul Ridzwan, while his mum is a famous influencer-turned-businesswoman, Deena Amir. No wonder he’s got all the attention he will ever need in a lifetime. He’s one of the younger teething babies on this list so his family has just started feeding him proper food. Even though there’s not much photos of him eating on his feed, you can already tell what kind of food he’s into.


Creamy, cheesy pasta. Yum! And…

“Tak main la breakfast nasi berlemak uols…..”

A post shared by Nama saya Muhammad Luth Ali (@kisah.ali) on


Creamy lipstick?

“Yang ini Ali tak sengaja mummy…….betul…..”

A post shared by Nama saya Muhammad Luth Ali (@kisah.ali) on

Whatever it is, as long as it doesn’t give him a tummy ache, we’ll be excited to see him eat.


10. @pouponnahyan – Nahyan Bilal Jeanpierre

Everyone’s so glad to see this charming local baby celebrity take to food so well! Nahyan is the Pan-Asian son of bubbly actor celebrity, Nadiah M. Din, and a photogenic French lad, Bilal Jeanpierre. He’s always making us smile but now we’ve got more reasons to smile as we watch him start to enjoy his wonderful Baby-led Weaning menu! Go go, Nahyan, eat like a champ!


Nadiah really knows what’s good…

Did someone say chicken pumpkin balls?



9. @aairaameena – Aaira Ameena

Aaira is a cheeky little girl. Her photos are always so funny and enteraining to watch since she is so expressive. Not surprisingly, she’s also the daughter of another well-known Malaysian actor, Shukri Yahya, and an influencer mother , Tya Adnan. Looks like there’s a trend, ah guys?


We’re seriously impressed by her ability to use her utensils!


A post shared by 🚩Shukri Yahaya + Tya Adnan✨🍀 (@aairaameena) on


Here’s one of her trying durian for the first time.

Ade ni haaaa tengah makan deriannnnn

A post shared by 🚩Shukri Yahaya + Tya Adnan✨🍀 (@aairaameena) on


Aaira knows how to keep her food safe from pests too!

Lapar la petang-petang ni

A post shared by 🚩Shukri Yahaya + Tya Adnan✨🍀 (@aairaameena) on


8. @arifjiwaasyraf – Arif Jiwa Asyraf

This baby just won an award for the most happening baby by popular vote. The award? Si Cilik MeleTOP by Meletop, a popular talkshow in Malaysia usually hosted by Naelofar and Nabil Ahmad,) for his social media presence.

Since he’s the grandchild of Malaysian legendary singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K, he’s famous by his own right. But other than that, Instagram users want to follow babies who are cute and boy is Arif a cutie.  He’s got the best cheeks on the block and he really knows how to work his poses for the paparazzi! A serious moodlifter, this boy.

He’s mostly breastfed at the moment but we’ve seen some photos of him trying more solids. We’re excited to see him try more food in the future. With a family net worth that high, maybe when it’s time for him to wean off milk, he’ll be eating fine dining baby food every meal.


Watch out! He’s got a taste for Avocado Smoothies already…

My favorite is Avocado!😍

A post shared by Arif Jiwa Asyraf (@arifjiwaasyraf) on


Look at him! Even if he wasn’t eating, a foodie like me would be so excited because I just want to bite him! Ahhh!


7. @theyusufiskandar – Yusuf Iskandar

He barely learnt how to walk and he’s already got 4 million followers on his account and a reality show in his resume. Wow! His dad is a Malaysian actor (Hairul Azreen) while his mum is an ex-lawyer and founder of the Cakenis brand (Hanis Zalikha). With that amount of brain power and influencer potential, their family propelled themselves straight into money-stamping stardom! There are videos of him eating on his reality show, “My Little Heroes”, but we’ve taken what we could find on Instagram for now!


Mushroom Cream Pasta Date!

Caner kita nak bagitau date kita dia ada cendawan hidup kat dagu

A post shared by Hanis Zalikha (@haniszalikha) on


Another durian-loving toddler, we have been blessed twice today…

Durian Throwback

A post shared by Yusuf Iskandar Hairul Azreen (@theyusufiskandar) on



6. @aisymateen – Aisy Mateen

Son to a businessman (Fadzil Zahari) and famous television host (Yana Samsuddin)  in Malaysia, Aisy Mateen never runs out of good food on his table. He’s one of the flighty babies who’s not that into the camera but we think this phase will pass. He just celebrated his 2nd birthday and we hope to see him grow to love the camera! Let’s see some of the good food he gets to enjoy…

Would you look at that?

Looks more like adult food.

Maybe, that’s why he’s stuffing himself and ignoring the camera!

Kakak abang makan apa tu?

A post shared by Aisy Mateen (@aisymateen) on


Here’s one of him eating a chunk of salmon like a (baby) gentleman.

Cara cara nak makan Daddy… dengan betul . eh Salmon .. 🐟🐠🐟🐠🐡

A post shared by Aisy Mateen (@aisymateen) on


5. @adeenazulkifly16 – Adeena Zulkifly

She’s the 5th child of the family so she’s definitely used to being the apple of everyone’s eyes. Her mother is a long-time radio DJ and actress in Malaysia (Sharifah Shahira). Adeena is quickly becoming our favourite because she loves nibbling on anything she can get her hands on. Her down-to-earth Malay family just loves feeding her.

She’s sucking on a chicken foot. How endearing!

Adeena s favourite Do not do this at peoples house ..kedai makan or anywhere

A post shared by Adeena maknya @shieraijoy (@adeenazulkifly16) on


Her mum thought about doing this to her!

Tunggu adeena mama bagi jeruk pak ali adeena buat cenggini ye

A post shared by Adeena maknya @shieraijoy (@adeenazulkifly16) on


4.  @affaneats – Muhammad Affan

We were so happy when we found this account. Affan is a Singaporean baby who is on a BLW (Baby-led Weaning) regime. Naturally, all his meals consist of healthy, colourful and delicious food. If you read some of the captions, you’re bound to start salivating too. Check out his profile for all the good food he eats!


“Dates pancake, eggs & Greek-style yoghurt” #blessed

His mum has also adjusted some adult recipes to fit his toothless needs e.g. boiling the vegetables to soften them


3. @aydenosor – Ayden

Ayden is such a sassy baby that we had to give him a top spot. (If not, he might give us the side-eye). His whole profile is wholesome and  entertaining, starting with his username (DINOSAUR PUN, YESSAH!). He’s got the personality, talent and food to be a potential Instagram star!


That keria, paired with the side-eye and a pinch of attitude.

Even drinking from a can, he looks like a star!

Baru nak feeling karaoke pastu mama sibuk je 😂 #superbeden

A post shared by Abedenosorous (@aydenosor) on


We can all relate to this. #donuts4lyfe

Sesi throwback ayden dan makanan #kecamlahmamakecam #superbeden #throwbackbeden

A post shared by Abedenosorous (@aydenosor) on



2. @malaquemahdaly’s babies – Umar Nael & Selma Malika

Umar, babyboss of Chulop, is the newest addition to the Syarif (former singer-actor-businessman) family. While the insta-baby feeding craze in Singapore started with his sister, he is catching up in age and learning to try proper food. Lucky for him, his insta-famous chef/baker mum (Malaque Mahdaly) is a veteran in the whole Baby-led Weaning process so he’ll be eating the best of the best recipes that his older sister, Selma Malika, got to try. We can’t wait for him to eat food full-time! Sometimes we’re just salivating at what Selma gets to eat. Malaque won’t you cook for us too!


Hurrah! He’s an avo-baby too!




Selma Malika

While Malaque was the one who was whipping all these delicious baby food and introducing them to the online Malay community, Selma was the face of the legendary meals. We could not get enough of her since she was a baby until now. She’s still a foodie at heart and loves eating good food even now that she’s in kindergarden.

Selma, you’re making  us melt!

Who remembers the time her mum made gourmet salmon fishballs for her?

When baby food looks better than your lunch…

What about when her mum made her fine-dining dinner for fun?

Dear #selmamalika you are so lucky that all my life I had an education in food and my whole career life was spent in kitchens. I will only give you the best and feed you well. I haven't been feeding her rice/rice cereals as main meals cos I had my fair share of research and knowledge that they are not really a great baby's first food. Therefore I gave her other sort of grains which are high in fibre and much much better in terms of the processing. Tonight, she ate fine dining just cos I miss #kitchenlife a lil too much . Airfried coconut oil cod on a bed of quinoamillet pumpkin kale pillaf spiced with a bit of cumin.Side note here: I have been introducing spices/ fresh herb to selma ever since she turned 6 months in hopes that she will not be picky with her food and of course to flavour the food itself. So far, she has no problems with it. Made salsa out of avocado sweeten by pink grapefruit and some orange to add a lil bit of acidity and coriander for freshness. Trust me, selma eats a lot but I have only been feeding her good stuff. As much as I can, I do spend on her more than myself. I do spend a lil bit more of my pocket money to get her organic food whenever it is possible. I'm in a quest to start my daughter's life healthy. Many asked/dm me what do i feed her until she becomes so fat. Some also think I might be overfeeding her. Truth is she is not really fat. Camera angle adds 10 pounds to babies too. She eats well, mostly fish,combi of veges and fruits(that are low in sugar eg. I dun give her lotsa bananas cos they are high in sugar,you can find other info on fruits from books and google too) Occasionally, she indulges in lean beef and chic breast and of course, Malaque's Milk all the time. I hope this will answer the many questions I get on what I feed her. I will finally let her taste naughty things when she is a bit older but we all know moderation is key so till then. #selmameals PS. Portion might look huge but really it is like 1 tablespoon of pillaf with half a fillet of cod and 1 teaspoon of salsa. I presented this way so she will be enticed with the colours. The presentation prolly last 30seconds 😂😂😭

A post shared by Mrs of #thesyarifs (@malaquemahdaly) on

Now, she’s all grown up and becoming picky about her food. We still love her.



1. @anyameals – Anya

Finally, we’ve reached to the account that has taken the Singaporean mother community by storm! Anya is the daughter of a Muslimah convert and mom boss, Nur Jayina Chan, who specialises in making baby-friendly food stock for picky eaters! Her recipes are really to die for and best part is, they’re healthy too! Busy mothers love Anya Meals because it’s so convenient. Check out their instaprofile if you’re interested in halal freshly-made baby food for your child!


Here’s Anya in action!

ANYA MEALS CONGEE PRE-ORDER IS NOW CLOSED. . . Thank you everyone for your support! Please do take note that your orders will only be confirmed by payment made within 24 hours. . . ** Any payment not received within 24 hours will be immediately forfeited, and your slot will be given to the mommy next in the waiting list! . . DELIVERIES will be made on 7 (Sat) and 8 (Sun) July, from 10 am onward. We won't be able to advise on your delivery timing as we will not be handling your deliveries and it's subjected to the courier's route, traffic and weather conditions. . Do ensure that someone will be home to put the tubs into the freezer immediately! . . Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we will have to leave your bag of tubs hanging at your door if we can't get to you at the door or via phone as we have other locations to get to. We do hope to seek your understanding. 🙇🏻 Enjoy mixing and happy weaning! 💕😍 #AnyaMeals

A post shared by Anya Meals 🇸🇬 (@anyameals) on


Tofu Millet Stew in a Wooden Bowl #aesthetics

Tofu millet stew #AnyaMealsRecipe Tofu is a good source of protein and also an excellent source of iron, calcium, manganese, Calcium rich meal perfect for babies and toddlers who are lactose intolerant. Suitable for babies 9 months and above. . Ingredients: 1 tbsp Virgin coconut oil 1 tbsp Dried white bait fish, washed 1 clove garlic, minced 1/2 cup dried millet 1 tomato, chopped 1 firm tofu, diced 1 cup water 2 tubs Ikan Bilis #AnyaMealsStock 2 pcs frozen chopped spinach (emborg) 3 young corn, finely sliced Palm-sized beancurd skin, crushed into bits (optional) Ginger powder (optional) Onion powder (optional) . 1. In a pot, sauté white bait fish and garlic in coconut oil over medium heat till fragrant. Add water, Ikan Bilis #AnyaMealsStock and bring to a boil. 2. Add in sliced young corn, tomato, and tofu. Continue simmering for 5 minutes. 3. Add dried millet and stir well to avoid clumps. You may choose to add in a touch of ginger and onion powder at this point. 4. Once bubbling, add in beancurd skin (optional) and frozen spinach. 5. Cover, reduce heat and stir occasionally till all liquid has been absorbed. Add more water if necessary. 6. Serve at an appropriate temperature! #AnyaMeals

A post shared by Anya Meals 🇸🇬 (@anyameals) on

There’s even a pasta recipe made for babies aged 6 months and above! Anya, we’re so jealous, you know!


What colourful frozen cube stocks she has!

13th February 2017 was the date we started @anyameals with 90 followers on the first day and was open for business. We started out with cute little frozen fruit and vegetable cubes. But like our little toddler #AnyaArissaAiman, this little humble business has grown a little and evolved a lot more. . . But our vision remains the same—to educate parents and caregivers on the importance of nutrition while providing them a healthy, quick and simple everyday solution. Being parents ourselves, we have dedicated our time and effort to time taxing meals so you don’t have to. We understand that after a long day at work and with multiple children, all you want to do is to spend quality time with them instead of toiling in the kitchen. . . #AnyaMeals aim to be a solution so simple, even dads with zero experience in the kitchen can feed their little ones delicious home cooked meals. . . As we turn the big ONE this coming February, we would love for YOU, our dearest beloved beautiful awesome customers to be the first to see our brand new logo. . . Brand new @anyameals logo unveils on 13 JANUARY 2018. STAY TUNED.

A post shared by Anya Meals 🇸🇬 (@anyameals) on

We hope more mothers will continue to feed their children good food so that they will grow up happy and healthy! A big thank you for all the parents who have dedicated their time and effort to their child’s baby journals so that all us foodies can share the joy!

So…anyone feeling a baby fever coming?

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