19 Halal Street Food & 14 Nasyid Performances at The Grand Bazaar this weekend

Another one for our East-siders (but of course everyone is welcomed)!

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This is the first bazaar of it’s kind in Singapore offering spiritual enlightenment throughout the whole weekend while you do your shopping and eating.

It’s held on the last weekend of Ramadan, which also coincides with the last ten days of Ramadan. This is when Muslims look for the night of Lailatur Qadr, also known as the night of power in Ramadan. On this night, the rewards of good deeds of worship done on this night will be multiplied and recognised as if it was done for 83 years.

It’s commendable that the organisers have spearheaded a very original concept of Ramadan Bazaar to be more spiritual for Muslims to attend, yet interesting enough for non-Muslims to check out too.

Who wouldn’t want to check out something that is inspired by the markets of Istanbul? A perfect fit for the thriving Singapore Muslim community to come together with open arms and invite friends and family from all faiths to and share a message of mercy through the live spiritual infotainment.


More than 200 vendors for your Hari Raya preparation needs

Whether you need clothes, shoes,  hijabs or tudungs, or fake lashes to lipsticks, makeup, you name it they have it. Expect brands like ELDA Store,

Expect more than 200 vendors selling food and drinks, cosmetics, fashion wear.

There will be twelve local asatizahs, eleven qari, twenty two imam & muazzin, nine nasyid groups, five international nasyid bands and congregational terawih and fardhu prayers.


Especially for our foodies out there, this may be your last chance to savour the Halal street food favourites before they take a long Raya break till their next event (we’re not sure when the next one will be either). Not to mention, of course, the majority (12 out of 19) of them offer FRIENDS Pass discounts so all the more you should take a break from all the Raya spring cleaning and free up some time this weekend to treat yo’self with this chit-list!

1. Ratu Lemper

FRIENDS Pass: 10% OFF Lemper.

Satisfy your lemper craving at nowhere else but Ratu Lemper because they are the queen in making the best lemper for you in town!

2. Naughty Boyz

FRIENDS Pass: 10% OFF for purchases of $20 and above.

Their baked mac & cheese is to-die-for. And it’s not like any other mac & cheese ok, they come with flavours such as salted egg yolk, spicy or original!

3. Kruhnch!

FRIENDS Pass: 10% OFF for purchases above $50.

This is your chance to stock up on Kruhnch’s salted egg yolk potato chips or salted egg yolk fish skin for your Raya krupkrapkrupkrap.

4. Yummy Takoyaki

FRIENDS Pass: 10% OFF total bill.

If you see a super long queue, we bet you, it is defintely from Yummy Takoyaki. The name and the queue speaks for itself. If you haven’t tried their takoyakis because there’s always a long queue, we urge you to just join the queue this time. We promise you, the live Islamic infotainment will help you to bersabar.

5. Musang Berjanggot

FRIENDS Pass: $1 OFF for a minimum spending of $15 for any food item purchased.

They have Bamia set, krispy potato meatball and kueh kacau in a jar. If you’re wondering what kueh kacau is then you should kacau them at their booth then buy the kueh kacau jar and tell us how’d you like it.

6. Street Submarine

FRIENDS Pass: 10% OFF for purchases $20 and above.

Submarine like no other with the varieties such as Spicy Pulled Beef, Beef Rendang and many more!


FRIENDS Pass: $5 OFF for every purchase of 4 bottles of KUIH.

They are literally everywhere this Ramadan but if you still think that they’re not within your reach, we hope Singapore Expo is nearer for you!

8. WORD.

FRIENDS Pass: $1 OFF for every $10 spent on food and drinks.

This is home to the gangster bucket snacks and food and everything else gangster. You see their buckets everywhere this Ramadan so jump on the bandwagon and carry some bucket-full of yummy snacks and drinks!


FRIENDS Pass: Buy 4 get 1 FREE.

Some proclaimed this the national drink because it’s just too good. Grab the #originalbutterbooeh or #butterbooehslushie or both this weekend!

10. O’Braim

FRIENDS Pass: $1 OFF with every $10 spent.

These colourful goreng pisang bites are always a stunner! And they taste as good as they look too.

11. The Original Pisang Keju

FRIENDS Pass: $1 OFF with every $10 spent.

Getcho’ crispy banana fritters with mouth-watering toppings here!

12. Air Jagung Ketagih Singapura

FRIENDS Pass: 10% OFF AJK Ultimate.

This one, is like the go-to drink for ALL the ladies at Halalfoodhunt. Safe to say that we’re all ketagih already so why wait? Get a cuppa and join the bandwagon!

13. Chulop

FRIENDS Pass: not applicable at The Grand Bazaar.

Churros? Chulop is the way to go!

14. Terang Bulan

Martabak Manis from terang bulang will terangkan (lit up) your day, so whatchu waitin’ for?

15. Yossakul’s Kitchen

No need to fly elsewhere to satisfy your Thai food cravings. Yossakul’s Kitchen serves authentic Thai dishes!

16. Thimbol

They add something extra to your ordinary drinks so that it will thimbol (timbul) with a scoop of ice cream!

17. Mkuking

Your Krusty Katok, Katok Kotak and Mee Bandung Muar expert in Singapore. They often have long queues here too so come early for some hot piping noodle dishes which they whip on the spot!

18. Kiku Oishi

 Swing by to get a fusion twist on yummy Japanese favourite street snacks such as donburi and takoyaki!

19. Sofra

Sofra will be serving you their delectable Turkish dishes this weekend so come by and say hi!

Will we see you there for the food?

Next up, Nasyid Performance line up!

Friday 8 June 2018

4.30pm   In Team
8.30pm   UNIC

Saturday 9 June 2018

11am        Soutunnur
11.30am   Tasnim
12.00pm   Bakti Khair
3.30pm     Al-Mawlid
9.30pm     Rabbani

Sunday 10 June 2018

11am       Singapore Haqqani Ensemble
12pm       Khair Yassin
3.30pm    Al Jawaher
9.30pm    Raihan

Singapore Expo Hall 6B
Friday 8 June 2018 to Sunday 10 June 2018

Halalfoodhunt will also have a booth near the entrance where you can subscribe to your FRIENDS Pass by Cash/PayNow or PayLah. If you have any questions about the halalfoodhunt app you can also visit us and ask us questions!

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