5 Dishes to try at this Garden-to-Table Indonesian Restaurant near Harbourfront

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With more than seventeen thousand islands, Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia. The country is so diverse and each region has its own culture, tradition and food. While many of us in Singapore equate Indonesian food to Nasi Padang, Indonesian cuisine is actually more than just rendang and tahu telur. To say Indonesian food is defined to just that is almost blasphemous!

That’s why when Rumah Rasa invited the halalfoodhunt.com team over, we did not know what to expect. We were, however, excited to taste food that was cooked with fresh herbs from their very own edible garden.

Similar to the popular Thai basil, Indonesian cuisine uses a lot of daun kemangi in its cooking. Slightly more fragrant and sharp in taste than the Thai basil, kemangi is often used as both a garnish and an ingredient in Indonesian cuisine. Apart from that, Rumah Rasa located at Bay Hotel on Telok Blangah Road also grows their own pandan leaves, galangal, chillies and kaffir lime leaves which they use in their cooking. Wow!

Kemangi plant grown in the hotel rooftop garden. Photo courtesy of Rumah Rasa.


The increasing popularity of a farm to table concept can be attributed to the rising importance of sustainable farming in our urban jungle. With limited resources and scarce land space in Singapore, it is pertinent that both consumers and food producers work towards sustainable dining. Herbs and spices are planted in the hotel vicinity and the restaurant’s head chef, Chef Esa, himself forages the herbs and selectively adds them to his food.

Chef Esa was previously trained in Western cuisine but his love for food from his Indonesian heritage brought him back to perfecting delicious and homely Indonesian food. Indeed, the food at Rumah Rasa are cooked with plenty of love, passion and dedication.

Here’s five dishes you should try at Rumah Rasa so you could be transported to the different islands in Indonesia! Read till the end for their opening specials!

1. It’s like you’re chill by the beach in Bali when you eat the Satay Lilit at Rumah Rasa


Satay Lilit (Balinese Satay) at Rumah Rasa, $7.90

There are many different versions of satay all over the world, but this Balinese Satay stands out because of the intense fragrance and rich taste of lemongrass which the minced chicken is wrapped around. As the satay is grilled over the flame and lightly brushed with some oil, the aroma of the lemongrass fuses beautifully with the spices blended in the meat. Crisp on the outside, and moist as you chew into the chicken. The explosion of flavours would certainly transport you to one of the breathtaking beaches in Bali.

Only till 31 July 2017 you can enjoy this at $1! Limited to one dish, per bill, per table, and you can’t split your bills. It’s also valid for dine-in only, so no takeaways!


2. Enjoy a late afternoon stroll along the Benteng Kuto Besak (that’s at South Sumatra) with some Pempek Palembang


Pempek Palembang, $7.90


Truth be told, I have never had Pempek Palembang before – no, I have never heard of it before. Pempek Palembang is commonly found on the streets of many Indonesian cities, but Rumah Rasa has successfully paid homage to its home city of Palembang. The fish skin batter reminds you of our local keropok lekor and the egg wrapped in a batter of fish cake makes you wonder where this dish has been all your life.


3. Enjoy some tahu telur before you shop in Jakarta


Tahu Telor, $7.90


You would think tahu telor is the same everywhere – wrong. This is one dish that’s hard to make at home so you would definitely want to try it at Rumah Rasa. The tahu telor is crisp and fluffy without leaving that eggy taste. Its homemade sauce complements the egg and tofu batter so well, you might have to control yourself if you’re not the kind who would share good food with others.

4. Relax with some seaside breeze at Pantai Jayanti in Cianjor with the Ikan Kakap Bakar Cianjor

Ikan Kakap Bakar Cianjor, $28.50

A deep fried crispy fish is what usually comes to mind when we think of Indonesian seafood. However, Rumah Rasa gives you an alternative to the usual Gurame fish – the Ikan Kakap Bakar Cianjor. Marinated in a variety of herbs, spices and sauces for at least a day, the fish is deep fried without any batter, leaving you with only the taste of the marination and the fish. You would be able to taste the beautiful flaky sea bass in its entirety and enjoy food as how it should be – authentic and letting the hero do the talking.


5. After a week of travelling, feel at home by enjoying some Sup Buntut


Sup Buntut $7.90


Soups should always have that homely feel and make you feel like it’s the best soup your mother has made. Chef Esa and his team has successfully nailed the sup buntut, making a simple soup and elevating it into a star dish. Intensely fragrant, light yet flavourful, the soup enhances the flavour of the ox tail which is cooked to perfection – tender and melts in your mouth. Without a doubt, Rumah Rasa’s Sup Buntut will keep you coming back for more.

Opening Promotion

For a limited time only, Rumah Rasa offers their weekend lunch and dinner buffet sets at an attractive price. Enjoy their signature dishes in a buffet style setting complete with live BBQ on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Weekend Lunch Buffet – 2 for $55 for adults, 2 for $28 for children
Weekend Dinner Buffet with Live BBQ – 2 for $69 for adults, 2 for $36 for children

On top of that, only till 31 July, you can also order either Sate Lilit, Soto Madura, or Chendol for just $1 with no minimum spending required!

There’s always a catch right? You can only order one $1 dish, per bill, per table, and you can’t split your bills. It’s also valid for dine-in only, so no takeaways! You can have your Soto Madura (Chicken Soup) for $1, and then order your drink on your own, or just bring in your own water bottle lah!

Rumah Rasa is located at Bay Hotel Singapore, 50 Telok Blangah Road Singapore 098828.

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