5 New Online Retail Halal Food Merchants

Planning a party or gathering? Just get your halal food online and impress everyone!

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What a time to live in! Now we can just chillax at home and wait for food to come to us. No more fast food and pizza binges when we get lazy! There are more and more halal food online retailers that it’s hard to keep track. Here’s a list to help you out for the next time you’re feeling lazy to get food outside.


1. Kopi & Tarts

Their iconic takeaway cups are quickly becoming the talk of town! Look at the sheer size of them! What happens if your whole office or household suddenly wants you to help buy for them? Just order it online, of course!


Kopi and Tarts XXL signature drinks

Kopi and Tarts

Halal status: Halal Certified



2. Dengdeng Gua Pau-Er

We love dengdeng and we love pau. How can dengdeng pau ever go wrong? If you’re looking for a new savoury snack wrapped in soft pillows that can fill you up at work, order yourself and the office some of these pau-er bombs as takeaways!

Dengdeng Gua Pauer Pack Box

Dengdeng Gua Pau-Er

Halal status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner

FRIENDS Rewards: 20% off when you spend $80 and above for FRIENDS!



3. Kruhnch (Salted Egg Krisps)

Having a movie night? Just fill your bowls with Kruhnch and maximise your tummy satisfaction and viewing pleasure! Pick the spicy one if you’re looking for an extra kick!

kruhnch chips selection

Kruhnch (Salted Egg Krisps)

Halal status: Unverified

FRIENDS Rewards: Offers free delivery for orders above $80 for FRIENDS!



4. Lynn’s Cakes

Lynn’s Cakes are known to be simple yet pretty and delicious. Makes us so geram when we walk past her booth and can’t buy them (maintaining our Ramadhan bodies).  Now, she’s just a click away when we’re ready for that cake! Check out their Instagram account for more pretty original cakes!

lynns cake - online retail - Red Velvet Cake

Lynn's Cakes

Halal status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner

FRIENDS Rewards: 10% off with a minimum purchase of $80 (excluding delivery charge) for FRIENDS! 
Not valid with other promotions and other discount codes.



5. Kava

If you’re craving for Kava’s cupcakes, drinks and even coffee beans, you don’t have to leave the house to get them. They’re all available on their website. Alhamdulillah for the shortcut to good, trustworthy food!



Halal status: Unverified

FRIENDS Rewards: $1 off for every $10 purchase for FRIENDS!


As you can see, there are way more food items you can order online rather than the usual fast food meals. Plus, they’re halal-friendly. If you’re a FRIENDS PASS holder, then you’ll be reaping more benefits every time you make an order as you can get discounts!


You can also check out the halalfoodhunt.com directory for all our partnering online food merchants!



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